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21 Vegetarian Sweet Potato Recipes

It’s always hard to choose favorite produce during each season because I love experimenting with all the different flavors and textures. However, during the fall, sweet potatoes become the staple for a solid amount of meals. Sweet potatoes are affordable and can be turned into almost any type of meal or snack you might be craving.

I use sweet potatoes as filling for tacos/enchiladas, as salad mix-ins, in place of baked potatoes, and even pureed and added to morning porridges. It’s really hard to go wrong with sweet potatoes. I have over 80 sweet potato recipes on the site (but I’ve also been known to use sweet potatoes in place of regular potatoes or butternut squash).


Hearty Sweet Potato Curry | http://naturallyella.com

Sweet potatoes make for an easy dinner choice. Use them as a side or feature them as the main ingredient. It’s hard for me to pick just a few favorite sweet potato dinner recipes but these are the ones that get made time and again. During the cooler months, it’s rare we eat a taco without sweet potato- so good!


Turmeric Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut and Coriander | @naturallyella

Added to soups or added to salads, sweet potatoes and lunch meals are meant to be together. I often roast a big batch of cubed sweet potatoes to toss with salads for an easy lunch win.



Sweet Potato Polenta with Fried Eggs ad Microgreens | Naturally Ella

It might be pretty obvious that I love sweet potatoes and eggs together from the recipes listed below. However, sweet potatoes are also great in savory and sweet breakfast porridges. Take a sweet potato puree and mix it in with steel cut oats and a sprinkle of cinnamon!



Cabbage and Sweet Potato Summer Rolls | @naturallyella

Sweet potatoes make for a wonderful snack or appetizer. The sweet potato summer rolls are delicious (and I’ve been known to eat them for lunch and dinner.)

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