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Koshy John.

I have Benchmarked and tested Koshy John’s three optimization software, they are the best that I have ever come across. I had to write an article about this! My Windows 10 system is running like a fine clock since I discovered this software yesterday. Suitable for most operating systems including up to Windows 10. This software is the best that I have ever encountered and this man is a genius! Download links are included in this article. Enjoy!

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com


Koshy John.

“What will you find here? My software, including DiskMax, neoSearch and Memory Cleaner. Between them, they have accumulated over 10 million downloads and have well over 120,000 likes on Facebook.

DiskMax is designed to keep your PCs clean and fast. Just as fast as the day you first got them, if not faster.

neoSearch is a light-weight desktop search engine originally designed to work around the negative performance impact that plagued several popular alternatives.

Memory Cleaner is the world’s most popular application of its kind, reducing the memory load on your system significantly without negatively affecting performance in any discernable way.”

Koshy John.




Koshy John Windows Operating Systems Optimization Software.



Please follow the link to reach the original website. Under Fair Use.





addenda: I still highly recommend  DiskMax software. Set the User control and uncheck the boxes that will erase your forms data, before running the software manually. The software will remember your settings after you initially set your user control preferences. This is a terrific cleaner and as long as you do not erase your form data which may include passwords that you have saved, this software is superb, I highly recommend its use and it is virus-free.


Now a word about Memory Cleaner. Some antivirus programs including MBAM will identify that this software contains a PUP script. I have benchmarked this program and tested it against several antivirus tests that I have conducted and this information is correct. I can no longer recommend using the Memory Cleaner by KoshyJohn for this reason.

I found a very good Memory Optimizer that is completely safe to use it is on the Wise Tools page of free software that is available for download. Here is the link:
http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html. After downloading the software go to its settings and choose the, “Minimize and run in the background automatically setting.” This software will then automatically improve the memory on your computer. I highly recommend this software.


Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com





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