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#911 #Pedogate #Canada Connections ? Matrix 5 Secret Women’s Cult? Meet Abel Danger!

#911 #Pedogate #Canada Connections ? Matrix 5 Secret Women’s Cult? Meet Abel Danger!

Free Background Stock. Masquerade In The Carnival Of Life. #Secret Societies, Membership Include Powerful Women From Around The Earth. #SHHHH… It’s A Secret!
Billy Joyce
Published on 13 Feb 2018
“These ladies are members of quite a renowned secret group that include Canadian nationals and many women from around the world.  Like the Bilderbergers, their society conducts, ‘secret’ meetings. What gives, and what are their international connections to Canada?”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

Illuminati = Rich People In Strange Clubs Doing Weird Stuff That Controls Your Life

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Free Background Stock. Secret Societies Of The Illuminati. They Have Been Controlling Us For Centuries.

Published on 1 Dec 2016









Tila Tequila’s Facebook Rant-Johnny Depp & Beyonce’s Demons = Mk Ultra Meltdowns

Woman Face Contour Burnout Blank Fire Flam

Free Background Stock. MK Ultra Conditioning In The Politics Of Modern “Democracies,” Today.


“The Choice http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009MOUQFY My Friend Within http://www.amazon.com/My-Friend-Withi… Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pocketsofthe… Twitter https://twitter.com/PocketsotFuture Facebook Tila Tequila racist slur immigrants https://www.facebook.com/topic/Tila-T… Multiple dissociative identity personalities or possession: on celebrity alter egos http://www.truefreethinker.com/articl…”
Published on 9 Jun 2016
“MK Ultra Mind Conditioning. How many government leaders who occupy high ranking government positions have been groomed and placed into those positions since their childhoods? Good actors and bad actors, just watch the televised versions of government platform soap operas, they all seem to be bad actors and the soap opera is daily, a bad Play.”
PatrickIreland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

Fallen Angels And Muses Of The Dark Realm (C.E.R.N)

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Free Background Stock. The Fallen Angels Of Another Realm #Wings On Fire.




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