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Healthy Carrot Soup

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Carrot soup may be prepared as a cream-style soup[6][7] and as a broth-style soup.[8][9] Vegetable stock[10] or chicken stock may be used as ingredients in both styles of soup.[11][12] Other vegetables may be used in the dish, including root vegetables, the latter of which may include garlic[8] onion,[7] shallot,[2] potato,[9][13][14] turnip[15] and others. Carrot juice and orange juice may be used in its preparation,[5][16][17][18] and some versions are prepared using puréed carrot.[14][19] After cooking, the dish may be run through a sieve to strain it.[14][20][21] The carrots used may be peeled or unpeeled, and the use of peeled carrots can lend to increased smoothness in puréed versions of the dish.[19] Those prepared with puréed carrot may have a thick consistency while also being smooth in texture.[22] The soup’s color can vary based upon the coloration of the carrots used.[23] Young carrots tend to make the soup sweeter and imbue it with a bright orange coloration, while older, larger carrots provide less sweetness and may imbue a yellow coloration.[2] The use of old, cracked carrots that have a woody texture in their interior can produce a soup of inferior quality.[2]

Several ingredient variations exist in carrot soup preparations. Some carrot soups are prepared using coconut milk, coconut water, coconut cream, coconut butter or coconut pieces.[16][23][24][25] Some versions include ginger as an ingredient,[26][27][28] and some include curry.[16][24] Green carrot leaves (greens) from the top of carrots may be used as an ingredient in the dish.[13] Chopped mint leaves are used in some versions.[5][29] It may be served hot or chilled.[9][22][23][30] Salt and pepper may be used to season the dish,[8] and nutmeg is sometimes used as a seasoning.[31][32][33] It is sometimes topped with yogurt, a yogurt sauce, crème fraîche, sour cream,[10][12][23][34][35] and other ingredients.

The zest of orange may be used as a garnish, as an ingredient within the dish itself, and in both ways.[16][17][30][36] Additional garnishes can include dill, carrot leaves,[7][34] grated, minced or diced carrot,[23] chives,[10][29] other fresh, chopped herbs, croutons, and toast squares,[1][11][14][15][21] among others. Carrot soup can be prepared as a vegan food, and can also be prepared as a bisque.[25]

Carrot soup may contain a significant amount of nitrite.[37]




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