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A Rampage of Appreciation

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A Rampage of Appreciation

I like to start my day—as well as end it—with a rampage of appreciation. I remember all the things I appreciate and am grateful for. If you are a fan of Abraham-Hicks you know that they talk about “rampages of appreciation” and it’s the kind of rampage that we could—and should—have on a frequent basis. (I’m not much into “shoulds” but this is an important one.) This is one of my favorite practices. I like the immediate change that takes place and the long term effects it sustains.

Take time for appreciation

Notice the change that takes place within yourself when you take the time to appreciate people and things that enrich your life. Before you start, notice how you feel—your energy level, your “mood of the day.”  When you finish notice those things again and realize the change that has happened.

I usually engage in a free-flow of thoughts, without structure. I just let my thoughts go from one thing to the next. So let’s do it. Have your own rampage of appreciation.

Choose your starting place

I will start out with how much I appreciate my grandson, Jack. When he stayed with us he always had a smile and a hug and often said things that make me smile and laugh more than usual. When he came into my house it was like the sun coming up right inside my living room. I appreciate his presence and who he is. I delight in children in general because they are so beautifully innocent. They seem untainted by the cynicism of the adults and the worry carried by so many these days. I treasure my neighbors. They are never intrusive but consistently looking out for one another. I’m grateful for my neighborhood where it feels safe and is within walking distance of everything we need.

I appreciate my family—so much that words just can’t say what my heart feels. Two amazing sons and four just-as-amazing grandsons.

Look around for more

As I look around my living room, I appreciate my dog, Smarty. He is an entertainment center in the shape of a dog. He entertains with his body language. For instance, he wags his tail exuberantly when it’s time to go for a walk, or have a treat or snuggle up against me when we watch TV. He seems to understand when I feel a bit sad and stays close by me. And now and then I get a little kiss on the face that seems very much like a slobbery lick—a kiss just the same.

I appreciate the row of Match Box cars that lines the wall and the army men perched on the giant teapot I got in Taiwan and crouched in the nooks and crannies of the amethyst crystal on the shelf. It means there’s play happening in my house and that’s such a good thing.

The rampage of appreciation continues

And in a rush of thoughts and words, I appreciate having enough food to eat—delicious, wholesome food and sometimes decadent chocolate and ice cream. In addition, I relish  DVDs, MPs and the Cloud that entertains and bring music. In adition, I am so grateful for:

  • the beauty of flowers, and bushes and trees.
  • clean clothes and shoes for my body,
  • fresh air,
  • the sunshine,
  • a car to take me where I need to go,
  • the grocery store a block away that’s filled with everything you can imagine.

I am most grateful for breath. Breath. We don’t think about it. Our bodies automatically bring it in. Without it, we wouldn’t be at all. I am so very appreciative of breath and life, laughter and tears.

Finally, I appreciate being me and you being you.

Now it’s your turn

Oh, yes. Now I’m ready to begin my day. It’s your turn. You do it and notice how wonderful you feel when you finish.


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