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A Word About Copyright



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I have recently been in consultation with a copyright lawyer to seek advice regarding the complicated world of copyright laws, regarding my blog. It is easy to be tricked by people who are trolling for copyright infringements on the Net. So “those that troll,” are often large multinational corporations that hire L.L.C. companies to place thousands of copyright infringement complaints on Lumen against anyone that they feel may be infringing on their rights. They make thousands of complaints. If you get one of these they can be tantamount to a forewarning of legal action to be taken against you, for infringing upon their copyrights, even though some of these publishing companies are placing their articles on bloggers sites themselves, through R.S.S. feeds, taking advantage of the fact that many of the bloggers sites have automated R.S.S. feeds like Zemanta and Triberr, activated on their websites. They place the articles themselves on other bloggers sites and then they complain to the bloggers whose site they have infiltrated, that their copyrights have been breached. Doesn’t seem to be a very “honest” practice, does it?  Believe me when I inform you that the “trolls,” are out there, trolling for little fish with their big, trolling fishing nets. Here is how you can protect yourselves from the trolls. Please listen, this is important.

You are allowed to cite an excerpt from an article under the “fair use,” category of copyrights, as long as you quote the article and state at the end the copyright insignia of the owner and the source. Never copy the entire article or embed it into your post, unless it is not copyrighted and unless the owner of the piece gives you specific written permission to use the entire article. Written permission can appear at the end of the article in question, but not always.

Always place quotation marks around the excerpt that you are quoting from the original article. Every paragraph that you quote should have an opening and closing quotation marks. Always make a statement, “To view the original source of this article please follow this u.r.l. to link to the original source.” It is important than to provide the original u.r.l. that will take the reader to the source of the original article on the Net. If you do this you will be acting in accordance with the fair use of using an excerpt (taking a partial quote) from a copyrighted article.

When it comes to using YouTube videos in your blog or on social media, here is the procedure. If you read the legalese on YouTube video’s administration pages, it will give you a headache. Unless you are a lawyer or have consulted a lawyer, you will not know what to make of the legal jargon. Here is the updated advice. I apologize to my readers for posting the wrong information previously, I was previously misinformed by a lawyer who should have known about the facts pertaining to YouTube sharing of videos on peoples blogs.

There has been an important update regarding how to deal with YouTube videos on your blog. This information has just been brought to my attention regarding how to include YouTube videos on your blog. The previous information is now proven to be incorrect. The lawyer that I consulted in the Philippines was not properly informed about the matter. I will include a link to an article that will provide you with this information. The truth is, that you may embed YouTube videos on your blog, under the sharing category using their link. You click on the YouTube video that you wish to share. The link to embed the video legally on your blog will appear on the top screen. Copy that link and embed the link properly into your blog administration pages. With WordPress, you may easily embed the link without copying and pasting any references to the video from other pages. To copy and paste copyrighted information is not allowed by Google. Simply embed the link and then you can add your search engine optimizations. These include keywords and tags. Here is the link.


Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com






Please follow the link in order to read the original article. You may enroll in the educational program and download free materials from the links in the article that are provided. I am not an affiliate member of this website and I am only providing this link for edification purposes under Fair Use. God bless.




Free Background Stock. An Ugly, Green, Copyright Troll. #The Worst Kind. #Smells Like A Toad.



“Good news for us website owners! You can embed any YouTube Video and not worry about violating anyone else’s copyrights!  This is good for us because that means we can go to YouTube, or any other video sharing site, and find a video to add to our blog/website, and not have to stress about if we have the rights to use it or not!”


Christina Hills





Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use.



Embedding YouTube Videos is Not a Copyright Violation


Written by: Christina Hills.

Source: Website Creation Workshop





If done properly and If you follow this advice you will never be accused of infringing on any copyright laws because they will have nothing to complain about. All media on my blog now comply with all copyright laws. Stay away from ‘them’ “trolls.” Believe me, they are out there. God bless.

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of http://www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

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