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Accepting Random Theories About Our Cosmology, And The Creation Of Our Universe

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Look, I do not have all of the answers, and all of the P.H.D. Laureate scholars also, do not really have a clue about what really amounts, to the true cosmology of our existence, and the creation of our universe. Only God knows the truth. If you are a scientist, and do not believe in a creator, that is also fine. I tend to look at good research on both sides of the argument; I am not a prophet, therefore, as a fallible human being, I must defer to all of the research on both sides of the argument. I am a Christian, so I believe in a Creator – However, there are many other people who do not believe; and they are also entitled to their opinion. This blog is concerned with bringing the truth to our readers – whether or not, the truth comes from sectarian or non-sectarian sources. I will leave it at that. Enjoy the research, from both sides of the argument.


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“Coming back to the beginning of the talk, and we need to have much bolder vision, for what it is we are doing here, and what we think that we see, when we look out around us; I would like to take some biological examples. Unless we know the larger picture, then we can’t know how the pieces fit into. If we have knowledge only of the parts, and that is by definition, partial knowledge; when we are studying the currents enter and leave the earth, we are surely studying a small part of a larger whole, and that larger whole, for the sake of this discussion is our solar system; and so we scientists are struggling to fathom what is that whole? So only then can we make sense of the parts that we are seeing. So here is a scanning electron microscope cross-section of our retina, and those various blobs and connecting cables, are different nerves that are in the back of our eyes; all firing away like crazy allowing us to see what is going on in this room right now. Here is a schematic drawing of it, to make it easier on our eyes. Now light travels from the bottom. That is the outside world down there, through all of these layers of nerves, until it reaches the rods and the cones back here, that is at the very back of the eye. So I find it very strange, that the apparently crystal clear image that we all see around us, is constructed from light that first must pass through all of those incredible layers of tangled nerves and blobs and cables. So we can imagine, we can use this idea that if we look at the earth say, we are looking at cross sections of something as we go out from the earth. So this layer down here might be the ionosphere, this might be the magnetosphere, this might be the Van Allen Belts; and there must be connections between all of those layers. What if I told you that there were just as many layers and connections. Between the surface of this earth and the solar wind, there are layers and connections between your pupil and the back of your eye. I might study the earth’s ionosphere my whole life and yet only be studying one layer; and yet I may not fully understand what I am looking at, unless I were to know something about all of the other layers, and unless I were to understand the function as it relates to the whole.”


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