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Auditor general says Canada Revenue Agency takes too long to respond to tax complaints – and It’s costing us.

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It is difficult to resolve my complaint since I have been misled by CRA agents to for over 5 months and over 20 telephone calls to the CRA.

It is also difficult to contact the CRA offices, as Conservative Party Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Scheer has confirmed that the CRA has refused to answer the telephone, recently blocking 29 million concerned Canadians from making inquiries about their taxes.

None of the representatives that I have spoken with at CRA have provided me with any information about following a complaint procedure, because they have been too busy misleading me continually over the past five months, assuring me that there was no issue with my 216 and my refund would be deposited into my bank in Canada by mid November. I have created a written transcript of all my communications with CRA. I have completely lost confidence in the CRA.

According to CRA itself, my family’s total income is under $30,000 Canadian dollars a year, which puts me and my family under the poverty line, according to Canada’s standard of living. I am supporting my wife who has stayed home with my youngest daughter who will be age 4 in a few weeks time, I am also supporting my ten-year-old daughter and attending to her needs on my meager income. When CRA keeps $650 dollars of our legitimate tax-refund money they are taking the bread out of my children’s mouths which substantially affects our welfare. I will let the entire world know what is happening in our case, the money that you have taken from us is blood money, it is the money that we need to help sustain our family, this present situation is totally untenable and less than forgivable.



Music From “The Sting.” That is what is Happening With CRA In Canada Today. What A Scam And A Farce It Really Is. #If a Canadian taxpayer does not file an objection the CRA will pay him interest for the time that he must wait to receive his refund. #If a Canadian taxpayer does file an objection complaining to the Tax Ombudsman, it will take up to four years to be resolved, and the taxpayer will have to pay interest of four cumulative years to the Government of Canada! Unbelievable!!  $Le Farce, du Monde!$














“OTTAWA – The Canada Revenue Agency is taking far too long to process billions of dollars worth of income-tax objections – ranging from several months to more than a decade – as the increase in grievances dramatically outpaces staff available to review them, says the federal auditor general.

In his fall 2016 report released Tuesday, Auditor General Michael Ferguson concludes the Canada Revenue Agency is failing to deal with income tax objections from hundreds of thousands of Canadians in a timely manner and that taxpayers are never told how long it will take to make a decision on their file.

All Canadians, through the CRA’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, have a right to an impartial and timely review of their tax return. The delays are costing taxpayers significant sums of money, as they have to pay interest on the amounts in dispute.”


Written By Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen


Source: The National Post





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Auditor general says Canada Revenue Agency takes too long to respond to tax complaints — and it’s costing us


Written By Jason Fekete, Ottawa Citizen,

Source: National Post,




Written By Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com



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