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My name is Patrick Ireland, living in the Philippines with my wife and two daughters. I have been studying the web for over a decade. Now that I am 60 years old, I am starting to apply some of the knowledge that I have gained. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning." -Einstein.

Core Feng Shui

Feng shui From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Feng Shui) For other uses, see Feng shui (disambiguation). Feng shui A Luopan, Feng shui compass. Chinese name Traditional Chinese 風水 Simplified Chinese 风水 Literal meaning wind-water [show]Transcriptions Vietnamese name Vietnamese phong thủy Thai name Thai ฮวงจุ้ย (Huang Jui) Korean name Hangul …

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Social Smartness

Etiquette From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Social etiquette) For other uses, see Etiquette (disambiguation). “Common Courtesy” redirects here. For the A Day to Remember 2013 album, see Common Courtesy (album). For Wikipedia’s guidelines on etiquette, see Wikipedia:Etiquette. “Courteousness” redirects here. It is not to be confused with Courtesy. …

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How To Increase Your IQ

Intelligence quotient From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from IQ) “IQ” redirects here. For other uses, see IQ (disambiguation). Intelligence quotient Diagnostics An example of one kind of IQ test item, modeled after items in the Raven’s Progressive Matrices test ICD-10-PCS Z01.8 ICD-9-CM 94.01 [edit on Wikidata] An intelligence quotient …

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Binaural Beats

Binaural beats From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Binaural beats Menu 0:00 To experience the binaural beats perception, it is best to listen to this file with headphones on moderate to weak volume – the sound should be easily heard, but not loud. Note that the sound appears to pulsate only …

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How To Stop A Toothache In 10 Minutes

Toothache From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Toothache odontalgia,[1] dentalgia,[1] odontodynia,[1] odontogenic pain[2]:396 “Thou hell o’ a’ diseases” – William Hole‘s illustration for Robert Burns‘ poem Address to the Toothache (1897, poem circa 1786). Classification and external resources Specialty Dentistry ICD–10 K08.8 ICD–9-CM 525.9 DiseasesDB 27698 MeSH D014098 [edit on Wikidata] …

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Subliminal Recordings

Subliminal stimuli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article needs more medical references for verification or relies too heavily on primary sources. Please review the contents of the article and add the appropriate references if you can. Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged and removed. (August 2015) Subliminal …

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Eating Cabbage Helps In Cancer Prevention

Home News Categories About Us Newsletter Resources October 5, 2016  Print This Post Eating Cabbage Helps in Cancer Prevention 0   257   11   3   By Dr. Mercola The Latest About Cabbage Cabbage doesn’t receive all the fan-fare that other members of the cruciferous vegetable family do, but …

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4 Simple Sentences That Can Prevent Arguments and Resentment

Couple with dog

“There are two sides to every argument, until you take one.” ~Unknown

The phone rang. My partner and our daughter were away hiking and camping. I’d wanted to go with them, but my partner had discouraged me.

My partner had …

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8 Effective Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem After Recovery

The Self Improvement Blog

“Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves.”  Nathaniel Branden “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for

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New Trends Forecasting US Online Gambling Revenue Through 2020

US online gambling is growing slowly, but new trends are now suggesting higher compounded growth rates into 2020.

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