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Big Misconceptions About The Survival Of The Species – It’s The Adventure Of A Lifetime


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Courage and determination, surpass physical strength and intelligence. The former espouse to the inner workings of the soul, while the latter represent attributes that are genetically derived. It is the inner spirit of the human being that ultimately, and overwhelmingly determines one’s success.

Patrick Ireland

There are two schools of belief in this world, on the one side, we experience the world where belief in Science seems to overrule every other thought. We live in a world entertaining the dichotomy between Science and Spirituality. The mystery, in essence, is that for which we still have no explanation. We do not know what the source of our existence is in this universe, we haven’t a clue.

The dichotomy is the belief in a spiritual human being, or someone who is devoid of spirituality or the belief in inner workings, or a soul. We live in a world full of people half of whom do not believe that people possess a soul and therefore encourage an attitude of atheism or agnosticism. On the other side we have people who believe in the spiritual realm who may align themselves with a religious belief; or people who may attribute their existence as resulting from a creator that can be based on a belief in God, or a belief that we are the children of a greater source, that may have created us. It doesn’t really matter what we may believe as the belief systems of all people must be respected. This is because we are all common to a source that may have created us, and therefore, we share this commonality which is apparent by our existence alone, in this universe.

I tend to align my personal belief system with the Tibetan approach to the spiritual human being. Earth is a school and we are children of a creator, which may be the Universe or could align itself with the polytheistic beliefs of all religions in this world. In other words, everything is truth and all humans are created from a source that is a mystery to all of us. Progress is the most important facet of existence on this Earth, as we must learn all of our lessons in this life, in order to progress through reincarnation to higher levels in our next lives.

In Christianity, this mystery is associated with belief in the story of Christ the redeemer. There are many similar stories in the writings of all religions around the world. In all beliefs, there are inherent truths, that we humans seek an understanding about what this mystery regarding our creation may be in this universe. In Atheism, there is no mystery at all, as we are perceived to be alone in this world. Nothing created us, as we must look at our own logic as a reason for our existence. In this school of thought, we are just here, and we just exist.

What I found remarkable about the above-captioned quote of Darwin is that he was a scientist. As such I was surprised to discover that in this quote, Darwin is questioning genetic reasoning alone, as a reason for our existence; declining the belief that our genetic attributes alone, such as physical strength or intelligence, are the most critical aspects for our survival and progress in this life. When Darwin who was a scientist and later in his life arrived at that conclusion, he was also expressing his belief in the intrinsic qualities that exist within the human being, which may be more important than the biological factors that may determine our success in this life. By stating the importance of being adaptable to change in one’s environment as being of greater importance to success, Darwin was actually creating a strong argument to support the existence of the spiritual human being.

We all live in a universe that contains the secrets to the mystery of our existence. We do not know why we are here, as we may wonder and ponder over the reasons why we exist. It is our conjecture and lack of knowledge that does not qualify us to take an approach where we allow our intellects alone, to enlighten us about what the real truth may actually be. We are children of the universe and not only of our thoughts, we are part of this greater mystery.

Patrick Ireland

About Patrick Ireland

My name is Patrick Ireland, living in the Philippines with my wife and two daughters. I have been studying the web for over a decade. Now that I am 60 years old, I am starting to apply some of the knowledge that I have gained. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning." -Einstein.

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