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Biography of William F. Jasper Senior Editor, The New American (The John Birch Society)

The UN “Reform” Bandwagon

Framework for World Government
From the moment State Department planners in the Roosevelt administration began crafting plans for the United Nations, their goal was always the same: world government.
An Internationalist Primer
For many decades the Council on Foreign Relations has been the reservoir of this nation’s globalist “wise men” and their new world order schemes.
Council On Foreign Relations: Influencing American Government

No Accident: The Continuing Betrayal of American Interests Is a Matter of Policy
World Government, Take Three
Tendrils of Tyranny

Globalism’s Growing Grasp
The UN’s Millennial “Mandate”
UN Politics: A Rigged Game
The UN Attack on Property
Ownership of the fruits of one’s labor is essential to liberty. By its efforts to abolish the right to private property, the UN has shown that it cares nothing for individual freedom.
The Real Agenda Behind UN “Sustainability” Unmasked
Eco-Agenda for Planetary Control
Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21
The United Nations’ Big Green Machine
Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty!
Science, Politics and Death
UN Attack on World Population
To UN family planners, human life is not sacred but is a plague afflicting “Mother Earth” that needs to be cured by coercive population control programs.
A Covenant With Death
William F. Jasper
Senior Editor, The New American (The John Birch Society)
William F. Jasper joined the staff of The John Birch Society in 1976 as a researcher and soon became a contributing editor to the Society’s magazines, American Opinion and The Review of the News. When those publications merged in 1985 to become THE NEW AMERICAN, Mr. Jasper continued to serve as a writer and contributing editor until 1990, when he was promoted to the position of Senior Editor.
Over the past three decades, Bill Jasper has researched and written extensively on terrorism, foreign and domestic politics, national security, education, immigration, communism, constitutional issues, the culture war, and most notably, the United Nations. His renown as an investigative journalist and insightful analyst on a wide array of topics has made Bill Jasper a frequent and highly sought guest on many radio and television programs. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, PBS, NPR, The American Forces Network, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Savage, Lars Larson and many other programs in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Latin America.
Bill has been an accredited correspondent at the United Nations headquarters in New York for nearly three decades. He is the author of the 2001 book, The United Nations Exposed and the 1992 book, Global Tyranny-Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order. Both books were praised by many as the most authoritative and detailed expose’s of the UN ever written. Mr. Jasper’s coverage of UN events has included attendance at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the UN 50th Anniversary Founding celebration in San Francisco, the July 1998 UN Summit on the International Criminal Court in Rome, and the UN’s Global Warming Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.
William F. Jasper and The New American Review radio show airs 
every Monday Morning on KHQN from 8:00 a.m. TO 9:00 am.
Mr. Jasper may be best known for his work on the Oklahoma City bombing and its aftermath. William has also authored two books, “Global Tyranny … Step by Step��? and “The United Nations Exposed.��? *
The United Nations and the New World Order, William F. Jasper


*The United Nations and the New World Order | William F. Jasper Published on Jul 10, 2012 (See YouTube Video to the Right.)
William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American news magazine, gives a lecture based on his book, “Global Tyranny … Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order”. Mr. Jasper exposes the true purposes of the UN, the power behind it and its growing control over all areas of human life from population control and family issues to the environment and economy. Filmed in April 1993 at the National Press Club.
Links to informative news articles by The New American magazine exposing the United Nations and the drive for world government:
The UN Is NOT Your Friend
Behind the mask of peace, brotherhood, and universal understanding, the United Nations promotes terror and tyranny in order to achieve its real objective: world government.
Building World Order
Behind the soothing rhetoric about “peace” and “human security” offered by the UN’s masters lurks a diabolical design for the destruction of human liberty.
Environmental Genocide

UN Takes Aim at Children
The UN Children’s Summit feigned compassion, but its true agenda was to bypass national sovereignty, usurp parental authority, and make all children subject to the state.
The “Emancipated” Child

The New World Religion
UNESCO: The Global School Board
World Economic Order

Salivating Over the Rich Nations’ Wealth

New Push for Global Taxes
UN Seeking to Tax and Control Food Markets
Civilian Disarmament
The United Nations, in its quest for global domination, is stepping up its efforts to disarm civilians. For Americans, this means an all-out assault on the Second Amendment.
Toward a Global Police State
Under both republican and democratic administrations, the U.S. government has been implementing a decades-old strategy to make the UN the most powerful force on earth.
NATO: The UN’s Military Arm
Attacking Our Courts
Through its proposed subsidiary, the International Criminal Court, the United Nations is plotting the ultimate subversion: The destruction of the American judiciary system.
The UN’s Desire to Control the Internet
UN Oil-For-Food Program: Scams R Us

Global Tyranny … Bloc by Bloc

Beasts in Blue Berets
The UN’s Surrogate Atrocities

UN Troops Accused of Sex Crimes Worldwide
UN Clichés: A Few Tired Bromides
A World Without the UN
Our Founding Fathers set America on a course for peace, security, and friendly relations with all nations. In a world without the UN, we can return to this non-interventionist path.
The United Nations and the New World Order, William F. Jasper

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