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Black Moon Rising, The Great American Eclipse.



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Prayer Under The Black Moon

May our lord Yeshua bring blessings of good, not evil, as the black moon passes over the United States of America. In repentance and acceptance in his name, may all of our American brothers and sisters accept that the blood of the lamb was shed to forgive us of our sins, that we may pass into the kingdom of heaven and rest in the mansions that God has prepared for all of us. May all of our names be written in the Book of Life, in Yeshua’s name.  Glory to God in the highest before the veils of heaven are lifted, that we may all go home.






We are all Creators, our thoughts create our reality, because God is in each of us. God’s presence of mind can be found at the beginning, in the Book of Genesis. This is why humankind has been molded in the image of God. God has given us free will, and imbued us with his presence of mind, in order to choose between what is good and evil. His opinion is expressed in Genesis when God created the earth. In Genesis 1:4 we see, according to the Hebrew text that it was God’s choice to create the earth and all of its creatures. Our creation was a. “description of reflection of the mind of God – it was God’s opinion, and choice, and it was a good thing.

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Genesis 1:4 – Hebrews and KJV

tn Heb “And God saw the light, that it was good.” The verb “saw” in this passage carries the meaning “reflected on,” “surveyed,” “concluded,” “noted.” It is a description of reflection of the mind – it is God’s opinion.


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Great American Eclipse


“On August 21, 2017, a Black Moon will cause a total solar eclipse.

This particular Black Moon is the 3rd New Moon in a season with 4 New Moons, which makes it rare combination.

It will be visible, weather permitting, in a path spanning all across the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast, which has earned it the nickname the Great American Eclipse.

What will the Great American Eclipse look like where you are?”


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