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Blockchain Raising The I.Q. Of A.I. w/Anthony Patch

Free Background Stock. Bitcoin Is Blockchain. Laying The Foundation of Geomancy and Sacred Geometry #singularityio.net



A.I. is creating as of yet unknown geometric figures and mathematical formulae, that have not yet been invented, this is traveling us in the direction of Geomancy and into the Occult Sciences. A.I. will increase their intuitive intelligence, using Blockchain. This intuitive intelligence-learning will create many benefits for humanity, however, what mankind has to fear is that the intelligence of A.I. will supersede the intelligence of mankind. Should this progress fall into the hands of evil men, this event will unleash the advent of A.I. causing it to be used as a weapon against all of the humanity.

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The As Of Yet Undefined Geometry Of the Cube Within A Cube, And A Circle Within A Cube Featuring The Involvement Of A.I.








“The actual math and geometry of AI. How cryptocurrencies are raising the IQ of A.I. Getting into the actual math and geometry of how A.I. learns.”

Kev Baker





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Elon Musk, We have built skynet!!. AI is now live and online.


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