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BREAKING: Jim Comey & Globalists in all out War with Trump





“This is very urgent business, ladies and gentlemen, I beseech you: resist it while you still can and before the right to complain is taken away from you, which is the next thing.

You will be told, you can’t complain – because you’re Islamophobic. The term is already being introduced into the culture, as if it’s an accusation of race hatred or bigotry, whereas it’s only the objection to the preachings of a very extreme and absolutist religion.

Watch out for these symptoms… The barbarians never take a city until someone holds the gates open to them. And it’s your own multicultural authorities who will do it for you.”


Christopher Hitchens.

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning.” -Einstein.

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