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Canned Code – Code in a Can? You Got to be Kidding!



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Part of the Internet revolution in the 21st. century, has involved the development of canned code, “could you pass me a can of code?” So what is this phenomenon? Allow me to explain.

In line with the improvement in Internet courses and products that are out there today, there exist many startup companies that are being sold online. Some of these companies can be found on Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and other affiliate sites. The “companies” consist of code that is presented in a download package. The code literally when opened, will create an online company. The developers of these products have often spent months or years, paying for software developers to create, “their baby,” before releasing it to the public as an online course. The cost of these products can range anywhere from $30 usd, to hundreds of dollars for one download. NSP is one of these products that was available on Clickbank for $30 bucks. You can build an online advertising agency in about 6 months time, using their canned code. There are also many, many others if you look for them.

These facts are supported also by online learning institutions that offer courses about canned code, such as Udemy, and The Khan Academy, just to name two of them. There are many others. Everything is gearing toward automatic systems to make money today. These systems are coded, so that they make the lives of people who are trying to make a living on the Internet, a little easier.

Autoresponders are basically “robots” that when attached to your email account, can automatically send out email responses to subscribers of your site. There are many companies that offer these products, A Weber being one of the largest. There are automatic trading robots such as Binabot 2 that will automatically trade Binaries for you. We are moving quickly if we are not already entrenched in the automated Internet of the future. There are automated back link companies that when you join them, will send back links to your Internet offers online.

Yes my friends, we are in the midst of an Internet revolution and there is much more to come in the near future. So, my advice would be to read the reviews that are available online so that you will have an idea about the market that you wish to enter. Review sites are everywhere. Be sure to choose review sites that are third party, and not directly affiliated with the products that they are trying to promote.

A good example of this would be my review site. I have no personal interest involved, in promoting all of the products on my site, unless I am an affiliate of theirs, because I want my reviews to be impartial and non partisan.  In this context, I must be an affiliate for the products that I am promoting under the Self Help category, on my website, before I will market their products. Everyone should take advantage and learn about the Internet today,  because the Internet is not only the future, we are also in the present time of this exciting revolution.

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