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How To Stop a Toothache

Toothache From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Toothache odontalgia,[1] dentalgia,[1] odontodynia,[1] odontogenic pain[2]:396 “Thou hell o’ a’ diseases” – William Hole‘s illustration for Robert Burns‘ poem Address to the Toothache (1897, poem circa 1786). Classification and external resources Specialty Dentistry ICD–10 K08.8 ICD–9-CM 525.9 DiseasesDB 27698 MeSH D014098 [edit on Wikidata] …

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Cracked Spelt Risotto with Roasted Beets

Post sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. See below for more details. When fall and winter come around, I make risotto almost once a week. It takes a bit longer to make but pour yourself a glass of wine and stir away. Spelt isn’t one of the first grains I would normally pick for a hearty [...]

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Garlicky Kale Pizza with Eggs

Post in partnership with Muir Glen Organic. See below for more details. Every week, like clockwork, we have pizza on Thursday nights. It’s the perfect way to spring us into one last day before the weekend. I love making sauce from fresh tomatoes. But when they’re not available, I keep this tomato sauce recipe handy. [...]

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Celeriac Soup with Thyme

When the season changes, it’s easy for me to get excited about using sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and greens. But fall produce is so wide and varied and lately, I’ve been getting excited about the items that often go ignored. If you’re not familiar with celeriac (or celery root), it’s a gnarly looking vegetable. The [...]

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Mediterranean Wrap with Lentil Bites

Preparing more plant-based meals can be time intensive. There’s usually quite a bit of prepping and cooking which can sometimes discourage you from trying a recipe. However, one of my favorite things to address this is to find recipes that allow for overlapping ingredients/components. Take this mediterranean wrap for example. The lentil bites can be [...]

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Live Until Age 90! Introducing Mother Nature’s Colon Cleanser

    The word is out, this food will help people who have a history of colon cancer in their family history. New medical research has revealed that eating the whole banana, including the outer skin, may be one of the best colon cleansers for the human body. I am …

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Cauliflower and Millet Gratin

With cooler weather comes more casserole-type dishes. In this dish, I love the creamy base of the bechamel sauce paired with the solid flavor of roasted cauliflower. Specifically, this gratin is a riff on this roasted garlic/cheddar gratin. With the addition of grains, this dish is a perfect light supper paired with a side salad. [...]

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Kidney Dialysis Why and When it’s Needed

  Kidney dialysis is a treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic kidney disease or failure. The use of this treatment is highly effective for many patients. The process of dialysis helps to do some of the work healthy kidneys do in patients whose kidneys are not functioning …

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Kidney Tea? Can Tea Help Your Kidneys?

  “Kidney tea” is not a specific type or brand of tea, instead it refers to green tea. This type of tea has been shown to be a powerful tool in fighting many diseases, including kidney disease. What makes it so helpful is the composition of the tea. By drinking …

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Herbal Alternative Medicine. What You Need to Know

  Herbal alternative medicine may offer some help to individuals who have chronic kidney disease. It’s important to maintain any type of medicine treatment that your doctor has prescribed. However, some patients wish to explore other options for improving their overall health including herbal medicines. Do this with the aid …

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