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Vegetarian Sushi Bowl

Post sponsored by Stash Tea. See below for more details. Whenever my husband and I talk about ordering sushi, I always go for the vegetarian options full of vegetables. As a result, I hear endless amounts of grief about never ordering ‘real’ sushi. But, I never feel like I’m missing out. This sushi bowl is [...]

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See What a RelaxZone Massage Therapist Can Do For You

The Self Improvement Blog

Thinking about trying a professional massage, but unsure of it? Then take a look at the credentials and experience of

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Spelt Grape Salad with Chickpeas

Every day, my husband asks, “What’s for lunch?” as he runs out the door for work. The question is usually because I’m not good at remembering to pack his lunch. But luckily, grain bowls or salads are an easy answer! When I do plan for lunch, I make this grape salad. In fact, I prefer [...]

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Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

There are certain dishes I’ve really had to persuade my husband to eat because of his childhood experiences. For example, stuffed peppers were one of my greatest hurdles because he was used to traditional peppers, cooked in a giant pot of tomato broth. I’ve assured him every time I make stuffed peppers that mine are [...]

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Red Lentil Masala with Spinach

I am always amazed at what inspiration come from the food blog community. There are wise words of wisdom, quirky anecdotes, and most of all, tons of amazing food. Every time I check out my favorite blogs, I find myself making notes on things I want to try or ideas I have for recipes. When [...]

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Summer Vegetable Frittata

There is no secret regarding my love of frittatas. That’s because this easy egg dish comes together quickly, can serve as a base for endless vegetables, grains, and cheese, and can feed anywhere from two people to a crowd. This vegetable frittata recipe is loaded with summer goodness, highlighting what I feel is the best [...]

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The Philippines Can Take Great Pride In Providing Sambong Tea, To The World

    There is no doubt, and most of the experts would agree, that Sambong Tea is a miracle tea. Derived from the Sambong Leaf, that grows prolifically in the Philippines, where we live. Sambong is a natural, herbal tea that provides relief to people who are suffering from problems …

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Savory Oatmeal with Garlicky Kale

I always find it fascinating how easy it is to associate certain foods with specific categories (in certain cultures). For example, I grew up having very specific foods for breakfast one of which was always sweet: oatmeal. However, over the years, I’ve come to appreciate oats for their warm, not-too-overpowering flavor and their ability to [...]

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Harissa Roasted Chickpea Bowl

Some of my favorite meals are ones that I can throw together in five minutes, toss in the oven, and forget about right until it’s ready. This roasted chickpea dish has a yogurt sauce keeping them a bit softer but also infusing them with a bit of flavor. Also in this recipe, I use a [...]

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Vegetarian Breakfast Burritos

When we don’t know what to do for dinner, breakfast is usually the answer. Eggs are quick to prepare and easily create a meal. I made this burrito after having a bit of the chorizo-spiced crumble leftover from the nachos. As a result, these breakfast burritos were ready in a short time. Additionally, you can [...]

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