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Reduce Cholesterol

The Importance to Kidneys You need to reduce cholesterol if you have kidney disease or potential kidney complications. High levels of cholesterol can lead to kidney failure in some people. However, what’s important to note is that you can effectively improve your health by simply reducing these high levels. Cholesterol …

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Creatinine Understanding it’s Relationship to Your Kidneys Creatinine is a waste molecule that comes from the metabolism process occurring in muscles. Creatine produces it. Creatine is a molecule that is necessary for the production of energy in the muscles. About two percent is converted to the waste product each day. …

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Renal Diabetic Diet

Renal Diabetic Diet Why it’s Important A renal diabetic diet is necessary for anyone who has both chronic kidney disease and diabetes. It may seem like an immense challenge to manage two different dietary structures for these two conditions. However, it’s quite common for people to have both conditions. The …

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Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis Why and When it’s Needed Kidney dialysis is a treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic kidney disease or failure. The use of this treatment is highly effective for many patients. The process of dialysis helps to do some of the work healthy kidneys do in …

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Glomerulonephritis What is it? The condition glomerulonephritis is one type of kidney disease. Those who have this condition have damage to the part of their kidneys that filters waste and fluids from the blood stream. Those who have this condition may have blood in the urine, foamy urine or may …

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Kidney Tea?

Kidney Tea? Can Tea Help Your Kidneys? “Kidney tea” is not a specific type or brand of tea, instead it refers to green tea. This type of tea has been shown to be a powerful tool in fighting many diseases, including kidney disease. What makes it so helpful is the …

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Health Benefits of Garcinia HCA Cambogia

    Hydroxycitric acid From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hydroxycitric acid Names IUPAC name 1,2-dihydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid Other names Hydroxycitrate Identifiers CAS Number 6205-14-7  ChemSpider 110439  Jmol 3D model Interactive image PubChem 123908 InChI[show] SMILES[show] Properties Chemical formula C6H8O8 Molar mass 208.12 g·mol−1 Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials …

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Chickpea Dumplings in Curried Sweet Corn Soup

Of all the summer produce, sweet corn is my favorite vegetable for soup (which is saying a lot since tomatoes are also in season). Sweet corn has the perfect balance of savory and sweet which makes it a winning partner with curry, as you’ll find out if you make this recipe. This recipe ventures into [...]

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Cinnamon Apple Yogurt Parfait with Protein Granola

Satisfying your sweet tooth doesn’t have to sabotage weight loss. This combination of sweet, creamy, crunchy—with protein granola—will hit the spot.

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I Lose Weight Naturally With Garcinia Cambogia

A Quick Introduction To The New Weight Loss Supplement, Garcinia Cambogia I can personally endorse the quality of these products, because my wife and I are using the, Wild Roots version of Garcinia HCA Pure Extract. There are many brands, so if you purchase one for your own use, ensure …

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