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Halloumi Breakfast Sandwich

During the summer months, weekends are all about about getting out and exploring whether that’s a hike or a morning playing disc golf. No matter the activity, I’m always on the hunt for solid breakfast ideas that will keep me full and be something I could easily wrap up for the car ride. This halloumi [...]

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A Scale-less, Mirror-less, Computer-less Week at the Beach

Hey guys! I’m back into the swing of things after our do-as-much-laundry-as-humanly-possible week, aka the annual family beach vacation. Every year we hit up Seaside Heights for a week. It truly feels like a second home there, so much so The Husband and I have discussed the possibility of buying a beach house one day. Not that we can […]

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Summer Squash Pasta with Yogurt Sauce

When I think of pasta in the summer, I almost immediately think of the mayo-laden macaroni salad or the pasta salad that almost always has cubes of cheese. Neither of these examples are what this summer squash pasta is all about. While this pasta dish can be served cold, I like to use the heat [...]

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Kitchen Sink Cookies (gluten-free)

Post sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. See below for more details. I occasionally get a craving for a solid chocolate chip cookie. It’s definitely not my go-to dessert but every so often, a soft cookie hits the spot. The problem, however, is that I buy a bag of chocolate chips and end up snacking on [...]

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Heavy Heart Writing

Hey guys. I was all excited to post today since I finally finished the trip recap and posted a new food idea but today I just have such a heavy heart. The news of  Alton Sterling and then Philando Castile, the current political outlook of this year’s election and our candidates, mass shootings, gun control conversations, I just can’t […]

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Want to Lose Weight? Consider Non-Scale Goals — Lessons Learned From My June #milestreak

Tomorrow I wrap up my 30-day #milestreak and I’m stoked. For those who don’t know, a #milestreak is simply a commitment to run (or walk) at least a mile a day for a period of time. I started mine on June 2, which leads right to my first lesson learned… 1. There is no “Perfect” Day […]

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No Hype, Just Results: The Foundation of Effective Workout Plans

Follow these 4 simple lessons to speed muscle growth, improve fat loss, and create workouts designed for consistent progress.

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A Mother-Son Adventure Eve

I haven’t had much time to blog about it,  but tomorrow the boys and I embark on our annual Mother-Sons trip. Last year we had an amazing week in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming — click here to see all the pics.    2015 was our coastal highway adventure. Well, just the older one and I, […]

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Cool Mom vs. Mean Mom

Why, hello strangers! Life has been a whirlwind these days. We’re wrapping up the end of the school year, I’m working during the day for a client, still managing the gym and today The 10-Year-Old became The 11-Year-Old! That’s right, this toddler is now a middle schooler! That’s crazy talk! Watching him grow up is […]

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I’m Wick-Wick’ing All Over the Place!

For those who don’t know, wick-wick aka #wycwyc aka What You Can When You Can is a book I wrote and published with Carla Birnberg last year. The idea is simple: Stop waiting for perfect and start moving toward your goals any way you can. No more excuses! We wrote it with healthy living and weight loss […]

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