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In this highly advanced technological world, China is one of the most technology-oriented countries. They always come up new inventions that are purely for the betterment of their citizens and hence the economy. This time China has come up with “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” for the safety hazards, by installing over 20 million AI equipped street cameras across the country.

Artificial Intelligence Surveillance System

China has successfully installed CCTV cameras across the country in order to improve the life of their citizens. These are named as “e-commerce genie Alibaba” which keeps on taking the vital data from video feeds, traffic information and social media.

The system identifies the identity of each of their citizen, as everyone in China are reportedly given a photo national ID by the age of 16, and the data is stored in the Chinese government’s database. That makes it easy to tag and track people.

Healthy Traffic Management

The new technology can identify a person’s age, gender, and color of clothes. It can also scan vehicles and identify the types and respective color of the pedestrians or motorist. Traffic management has also been done in a much efficient manner in the city now, since the system is able to predict the traffic flow, with 90 percent accuracy.

Criminal Identification

It also allows GPS tracking and facial recognition to help policemen locate criminals on the loose. Portraits of offenders will be uploaded to a LED screen displayed on the side of the road immediately. A signal will be alarmed to the police if the recognition matches any criminals in the database.

World-Class Methods

China population is less concerned about their privacy matters since they are always under the watch of Chinese government through this CCTV surveillance. This has allowed the system to work much faster. These methods are also of world-class standards; hence the use of artificial intelligence to anticipate law and order issues have been successfully implemented throughout the country.  After its successful implementation, the company is now exporting the system to other parts of China and to the whole world as well.

Video Speaks

Watch the video about the AI development in China in below video:

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