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Clicking Here May Change Everything

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Published on 12 Sep 2010
A simple test that can help determine the potential that you have Morgellons fibers in your body. Based on an interview on Jeff Rense, I believe on July 7th with Jan Smith and Clif Mickelson, this simple test using nothing more than organic grape juice will show you whether you have Morgellons fibers in you. Morgellons is a worldwide phenomenon not recognized officially by the medical profession, and even though you may not exhibit outward symptoms of being infested, you have them, and they respond according to research done by Jan Smith to frequencies. They are composed of in some cases polysaccharide plastic yet respond like organic living creatures. This is the next level of betrayal, beyond even the evil of the rape via the banking system. This is the use of life like a child’s plaything. Still thinking this system is working for you?
Source: depburns Published on 12 September, 2010.


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