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Cool Mom vs. Mean Mom

Why, hello strangers! Life has been a whirlwind these days. We’re wrapping up the end of the school year, I’m working during the day for a client, still managing the gym and today The 10-Year-Old became The 11-Year-Old! That’s right, this toddler is now a middle schooler!

middle schooler

That’s crazy talk!

Watching him grow up is so very fun. Exhausting at times, but fun.

So far, in my 11 short years of parenting I learned there is a fine line between “Cool Mom” and “Mean Mom.”

Last week I shared this on Facebook.

Today I was called “the cool mom” because I was willing to hop on one of these contraptions and race with the kids during field day.


Yesterday I rode my 5 year-old’s bike a mile (yes, it was tiny and I looked like a goof) so I could give him a riding lesson on the walk home from school.

Ten years ago I made a promise to myself that I would never let my bad body image or weight get in the way of me doing fun things with my kids.

Mission accomplished and the best NSV I will ever achieve.

Being the “Cool Mom” is actually pretty simple. You just have to be willing to do things the kids do.

Climb the rock wall? Sure! Why not?

Jump in the bouncy house? OK.

Play laser tag? You’re going down!

As the kids get older the things they can and want to do is getting more and more fun. Our yearly vacations are turning into adventures and the games we play at home more challenging — I am SO OVER Chutes and Ladders.

Being the “Cool Mom” is what I envisioned when the 11-Year-Old was an infant and I started this blog. Losing weight was, of course, one of my goals but really… really… what I wanted was the confidence that came with the weight loss. That’s what I was after.

“Cool Mom” is the epitome of that confidence and interesting enough, my weight is now a complete afterthought. I’m too busy being active and having fun to care.

As you know, however, being a parent isn’t all fun. It’s a lot of friggin’ work and sometimes I need to channel my inner “Mean Mom” to make it through.

Yes, YES, you really do have to do your chores before you get on the Xbox.

No you can’t stay up late. You need your sleep. Go to bed!

Go outside and play. Yes, OUTSIDE. PLAY.  <– This is considered “mean” in this day and age, can you believe it?

I’ll use this instagram post as exhibit A.


Their mean mommy made them come to the river on this beautiful Friday night. I mean how could she when there is tv to watch and video games to play?

Yes, we had to actually have an argument about heading to the trails on a Friday night. They pouted the whole way there but within minutes they were having a ball. I was reminded (yet again) that I need to channel “Mean Mom” for just a short time and when I do it normally pays off.

“Mean Mom” is the mom who is willing to tell her kids no after the millionth time they ask for for junk in the grocery story. “Mean Mom” doesn’t buy soda or juice for the house. “Mean Mom” makes you fold your own laundry and you bet your butt “Mean Mom” will shut off the the Xbox if you are ignoring her request to log off.

I’m kind of hoping I get to be more “Cool Mom” than “Mean Mom” in the years to come, but the closer I get to living with teenagers I’m keenly aware that’s probably not going to be the case.

I have so much more to tell you guys but I need to sign off.  It’s been a long day and I still have to get my mile in. I’m on day 14 of a #milestreak. Join me?

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