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Crowdfunding – Raising Awareness For a Cause and Raising Money In the Bargain


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Just look at the U.S. elections. Bernie Sanders raised millions to rival Hillary Clinton’s multi-millions sponsorship by rich billionaire class groups. Bernie did it by asking donations from supporters of $16 from each family. Now that the Primaries are over, even Donald Trump, who was self funding his candidacy, has raised another 6 million dollars in the past couple of weeks, by asking for small donations.

Crowdfunding is a powerful instrument that can be used to raise vast amounts of money, for a cause.  A cause, can be categorized as a political election. It can also be placed in the slot of raising money for a non profit, or to help an individual, who is ill and may require expensive medicines or therapies. Crowdfunding can also be used to promote a business start up, where monies are raised in the public domain, from Angel investors, who would take a, “piece of the action” should that product become successful in the marketplace.

Crowdfunding is like a wide brush that can paint a very large canvass, quickly. There are companies appearing online that will help people to raise capital and awareness about their product or cause. Such a company is, Indie Go Go, that specializes in promoting your crowdfunding projects for a piece of the action. You may be the next person who raises 2 million dollars in the next two weeks time!

We now are living in a world that has opened the possibilities to succeed, only as far as the limits of our greatest imaginings. Today, people can achieve their dreams on the Net, should they decide to follow the best ideas and find the real opportunities. Technology is advancing in order to assist all of us to succeed and to even help others, in the bargain. This brave new world of the Internet can make dreams come true, if we are courageous, and relentless in pursuing our greater selves.



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