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Current Goal: Daily Activity Sandwiches

Big news! I’m coding again for a small tech firm out of PA and I sort of feel like my career has gone full circle.

I started out of college (graduating with a master’s in Instructional Technology) as a multimedia programmer. After a couple of years I left that position to teach web development and multimedia at a community college. Then I started blogging and within a few years, being a full-time assistant professor, a mom and blogger became too much. I made the decision to leave my teaching position to see if I could forge my own way.

I hosted the first FitBloggin in 2010 and I was starting to work with brands through my blogs. For six years I successfully ran the conference and built a business around blogging. It gave me the flexibility to be home with the boys and I did really well financially.

Last year, however, I sold the conference. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I felt like my baby graduated high school and was off to college. It was time to let it go, and even though it was hard, it was the best decision for me. I needed to move on.

It took a couple of months to come to terms with my newfound freedom. I felt lost. I had no direction. What was I doing with my life?

Then the opportunity to work at my gym presented itself. For the past six months I’ve been managing a CrossFit gym. It’s been fun and different but not as rewarding as I thought it would be.

So I decided to throw my hat back into the world of multimedia development and for the past week I’ve been coding learning modules as a consultant.

Not going to lie… it feels like home.

I really enjoy the work. It’s challenging, fun and rewarding. And I love that I’m able to use my technical skills again.

The only problem?  I’m on the computer ALL day. Like glued to it. Hours go by as I code away and debug. Sometimes I don’t even realize how long I’m sitting there until I get an email or an alarm goes off on my calendar and I’m like…. wah??? It’s whatever o’clock? How did that happen??

I know my activity level is plummeting and I know it’s not good for me to sit that long. So my current goal is to turn work days into an activity sandwiches.

I’ve been waking up excessively early and taking the 5 a.m. class at the gym. Yes, 5 AM! It’s insane and I have a love/hate relationship with it already but I’m getting my workout in first thing with enough time to get home and spend the morning with the kids before school.

Then I work on the computer all day and when they come home I do my best to get all of us outside and moving.

Like Thursday when I ran while this guy road his bike and we picked up his brother at pre-k.

active kid

He hemmed and hawed at first and then ended up having a blast. That seems to be the pattern of everything regarding the kids.

Hey let’s do THIS! –> No, I don’t wanna –> Just do it –> Ugh, ok –> aren’t you having fun now? –> Yes, this great! 

I just need to stay strong in “No, I don’t wanna” stage because it always pays off.

It’s just hard sometimes to muster up enough activation energy to get myself AND them moving.

Now, I just need to get into a groove with planning dinners again, at least loosely,  because there were too many days this past week where I got done with work and was like…. what the hell am I going to make for dinner now??

P.S. I may not be organizing FitBloggin’ any longer but I am still involved. If it’s something you are considering attending I have a promo code for $100 off. Just use the code RONIFIT when you check out! Click here to learn more about the conference. 

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