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Devaluing Negative Thoughts, Through Transactional Analysis and Exposure Response Therapy

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Thoughts are things, they are created in our minds. They can bring us up, or take us down. Thoughts are really the precursors to emotions. Whether the emotional outcome becomes negative, or positive, it is associated first by our thought processes.

Exposure, Response, Therapy (ERP)  is one way to address a negative thought, when it appears. Transactional Analysis also addresses this issue. Both therapies, can be conducted through a registered analyst, or a person can study the therapies, and conduct the steps involved in following the therapies on their own. It really does not matter which way you do this. Both of these cognitive therapies are conducive to be self admnistered, by following simple instructions. Some people need to have a doctor to show them the steps, but self learners can accomplish very good results applying these therapies by themselves.

The prognosis is a simple one. When we get a negative, counter productive thought that is not giving us the outcome in behavior that we desire, we stop it. After that we cognitively replace the the negative thought with a positive thought action, that will negate the undesirable thought emotion, that we previously experienced. After we replace the negative thought with a positive, actionable thought, the original negative thought will disappear like vapor.

See my earlier article on Transactional Analysis. Both TA and ERP are related to the field of Cognitive Psychology. Cognitive methods of psychology are hailed as the most effective methods in changing emotions, and behaviors, addressing the remediation of OCD and many other therapies.


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