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Do You Want Healing Miracles In Your Life? Ask The Lord Jesus Christ For A Healing



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As far as I knew there is no cure for Nephritic Kidney Disease, or so the doctors informed me. Twenty five years ago the doctors informed me that I would soon be dead. I believed them at the time and I went into a severe depression for years, until I met my wife Zenaida, who the lord had blessed me to become my wife. After that time, came my youngest daughter Maria, our gift from God, who we love dearly. The disease was acquired by taking a medicine that was prescribed through a medical doctor. I was dying in Canada, but now my complete healing is taking place.

I became a Christian through this blog five months ago. I have been praying for many things outside of myself since acquiring my faith. I have been praying for all people in this world to come to Jesus Christ and receive salvation. Jesus is the living, breathing, Word of God, we can only reach salvation through him. But lately I began to pray for a healing for myself. I have been suffering from this ailment for over the past twenty five years.

A common characteristic of this ailment is a retention in the body of water and liquids, mucous, and bile, that collect in the kidneys and in the liver due to the fact that their operations are thwarted due to decreased function in these organs. The retention of bile and liquids in the human body is a sign of disease. I have lived with this fluid retention for the past twenty five years and counting. My body weight has been over 200 pounds, reaching 210 pounds at times when I was physically weak. At 6 foot one in height, a slim man should not weigh that much, 180 pounds is an average weight for a man of my age. When I was much younger and unaffected by disease my average weight was 165 pounds. I was 6 foot 2 inches then, because now, at the age of 60 I have shrunk one inch in my height. For the past 25 years my bodily weight had reached an average of 200 pounds. This has never changed until just recently.

I just began praying for a healing in the name of Jesus Christ over the past two weeks of time. This is now happening to my body. I have lost 20 pounds in weight with no difference in my eating or exercise schedule, within the past two weeks of time. I have been praying for a healing after going to bed every night. I have lost 20 pounds through prayer. This has never happened before. This is a miracle. I can feel changes occuring in my body as I speak. There are physical transformations that have been occuring in my D.N.A. and at a cellular level. I noticed that some insect bites have taken a long time to heal during the past several weeks. I had scratched them and they became sores, with a lot of puss and fluid coming out of them. I thought that this was a bad thing, but they are actually a healing sign that my body is being reconstructed. They are healing quickly now and much of the bile and the poisons have already left my body through the sores. The transformation is almost completed. The extraordinary factor is that my weight has now gone down to 180 pounds. This is a normal weight for a man of my age, I am 60 years old. My weight has gone down with no extra effort because my kidney function is being restored by God. In short, I have trimmed down 20 pounds for the first time in over 25 years. I am now waiting for my miracle to be completed, when the sores on my body have been completely healed it will be done.

Miracles from God are real. If God can create the universe and earth in 7 days, he can heal the bodies of his children when they ask for that healing. Prayer to God comes through faith and it is the most powerful force in the universe. We are the anointed children of God, he is our creator. Come to him with faith and you will receive an abundance of spiritual knowledge and gifts. He loves all of his creation but he particularly loves his children, who were made in his image.  Praise Jesus Christ our lord in heaven, praise the spiritual eternal God of the universe. Receive faith and salvation and everlasting life and live in the mansions in heaven that will be prepared for us by our lord Jesus Christ when we go home. Hallelujah!







~John 15: 16

16. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.






“If you wish to share your healing miracles from God, please send a message on my blog with your permission to include your testimony in an article. God bless you and your families.”

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