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Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth

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“We have had hundreds of lives, the secret is to find the past life that best explains our progress in this life.”

“Earth is a school where you have to take the same lesson over again if you don’t learn the lesson the first time.”

“Earth is not the only school that you can go to, you have lived on other planets and in other dimensions.”

“You have lived on other planets and other dimensions, you have had bodies consisting of pure light.”

“There is a constant learning that is going on all of the time.”

“We all came from God. There is no evil, no punishment, there is no judgment, only experiences.”

“Did you learn anything from that experience, if not, you will have to learn it again.”

“We come in with everything wiped out. On other planets the E.T.s’ are aware of their past lives, we are not.”

“We come into the earth on a blank slate, when we die we remember everything.”

“We are never alone, there are many guides who are helping us.”

“Jesus was trying to tell us, how to progress in our Karma on this earth.”

“We are on the wheel of Karma on this earth.”

“We started with the source, which is God, a huge energy some call the central sun.”

“The problem is that we cannot stay there. God was curious, he spread out.”

“God said, “Go and learn.”

“If we go back to the real you in past lives, you began as a tiny spark.”

“God sends us out to learn, he says, “Learn everything.”

“We are cells in the body of God. We come to earth to learn everything.”

“We come to earth and we are in a body. This is just a play, that is all it is.”

“We get caught up in the illusion, we realize that we are in an illusion, but we can create our own reality.”

“The body is just a suit of clothes when it wears out we are going to throw it away.”

“A lot of diseases are caused because of anger, cancer is one of these diseases.”

“You have to release negative emotions and all disease will go away.”

“We have to get rid of fear because we are moving into a new dimension.”

“E.T.s can travel in between dimensions, this is how they travel.”

“The earth is undergoing great changes right now we are part of these changes.”

“We are part of a much bigger soul.”

“Our total soul energy is too explosive to be contained in one body, so we are connected to this Oversoul.”

“All of our lives are existing at the same time, time is an illusion.”

“Everything is energy, we experience crossroads in our lives.”

“We put energy into each decision that we make, what happens to our other possibilities?”

“They are carried out by another you, who will live the decisions that we abandoned.”

“Anytime we make a decision of any kind, it is acted out by another you in another reality.”

“There is an infinite number of realities existing at the same time.”




Dolores Cannon. Somnambulistic Hypnotist.




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