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Dr. Steven Greer : The Biggest HOAX in Human History




These are the events that are really happening. This is why the Nibiru click bait artists are posting their videos – They are assisting in the facade of the coming alien deception, being orchestrated by the elite and the New World Order proponents. If you repeat the lie often enough, people will start to believe that it is the truth. This is MK Ultra Mind Control and using mass hypnosis on the population. If they can convince the sheep population of the earth that the world is going to end; they will be in a position to convince humanity that an alien savior has averted the alleged, “End of times,” by introducing a false, “alien.” messiah, who will save the earth. This entity will appear after a bogus alien attack, orchestrated by New World Order, elite humans, has terrified the human population of the earth into believing that the alien invasion is real. This is why these U.F.O.’s have been showing themselves to our human population all around the world for hundreds of years – So that we believe that they exist. These events are all part of a colossal, false flag, Psyop (Psychological Operations) agenda that may have been ongoing for centuries.

They will convince many of the sheep of earth that the alleged Nibiru system was miraculously averted by convincing the Anunaki to divert their, “alleged elliptical orbit,” away from the direction of the earth at the last moment in time, thus, saving the earth.  They will then try to convince many of the population of the earth, that the inter dimensional, “alien, demon savior,” is actually our creator. That Yeshua and God do not exist. Everything is, “A rich man’s trick.” It is coming.

I will be posting more of Dr. Greer’s evidence videos, as well as more videos that totally debunk the arrival of the alleged incoming, “Nibiru System.” Everything is a lie, these elite worship Satan, the deceiver, who roams this earth. They are in tune with the United Nations Agenda 21 plans, and Albert Pike’s depopulation agenda. N.A.S.A. is also a huge part of this deception, they are into this up to their eyeballs.

Satan wants to control this earth and assist in the murder of 5.5 billion people, (the depopulation part of their evil plans). The Jesuits and the Illuminati and many leaders of banking and government are also involved in these plans to depopulate this earth. These people are so nefarious and evil. It is difficult to comprehend how evil these individuals actually are. They relish being evil, because they follow the evil one.





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