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Early First Stage Investments On Burgeoning Private Startup Companies That Will Explode When They Become Public Companies

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An opportunity has recently opened up for small, $100 – $200 USD investments in burgeoning private companies, thanks to President Donald Trump’s administration, allowing small investors to possibly make 100 times the profit when the small companies that they invest in when they are publically traded at a future date. I am now examining these systems and I will test my sources before I post an addendum to this article. Find an industry with a burgeoning future market and make a small investment in that company before it goes public. Follow the experts and do your homework in order to find the companies that may explode.  The startups that are using an online platform can put the company on a winning path. So what kind of an opportunity are we looking at here? When a 10 percent market share can turn a $200 market stake into $22,000. Early investing can lead to large gains that can be realized within a short period of time. One example of these opportunities can be realized through small, craft beer companies that are taking off.

Bond investors are lucky to receive 2 to 3 percent gains. The trick is to find an early private startup private company whose inside sales are strong indicators that they are set for an explosive expansion while they are still operating as a private startup, and before they become a public company.   Smart Things by 2013 was valued at 15 million dollars. Within two years it was worth 200 million dollars. Nest started in the garage in 2010. In 2014 Google bought out Nest for 3.2 billion dollars. Smart technology temperature controls. Smart home industry revenues are skyrocketing.  This company has made 2 million dollar revenues through Lowes and Best Buy.  I am subscribing to the investment newsletter and I will later offer future reviews on this investment conduit. All you need in order to become successful is to choose the correct conduit through which a person can realize their investment dreams. I may begin an investment newsletter, should I discover that these conduits are genuinely beneficial to people.


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Written by: Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter








Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

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