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Is Earth Being Terra Formed For A New Occupant?

Is Earth Being Terraformed For A New Occupant?

Free Background Stock. Are They Terraforming Earth In Order That A Different Species Can Breathe The Air In Our Atmosphere? #Alien Takeover? #Global Changes Are Leading To Human Extinction. #Will We Die In Our Sleep When The Air On Our Earth Becomes Unbreathable? #Alien Or Human Agenda?




“Maybe Humanity ought to look at the Geo-engineering, GMO’s and all the other changes taking place on our planet and to our bodies and be asking more. Terraforming a planet is the process of altering a current condition of a planet to a different condition to support a different Species, it would seem that is what is happening to Earth and what that means for Humanity well does not look good.”
R Wayne Steiger
Published on 22 Feb 2018

The Physicist & Philosopher

Fantasy, Dark, Surreal, Artistic

Free Background Stock. Interview with Dr. Claudia Albers, a Physicist.




“Tonight on The Physicist & Philosopher Dr. Albers will be presenting two of her latest papers title: How the Sun Simulator Works and the other How the Earth is Undergoing Repeated Crustal Displacements. If you have an unusual story just email @ steigerrwayne@gmail.com Join me each Thursday evening on the Artist First radio network for the Steiger Perspective.”
R Wayne Steiger
Streamed live 3 hours ago

The Web Has Been Built Around Us. Singularity Rising

Storm Cloudscape Above Sunset Slanted Cont

Free Background Stock. Terraforming Our Earth. Singularity Is Rising.


” Of course it is demonic, however, most atheists and agnostics may disagree with that point.”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com
RichiefromBoston II
Published on 16 Nov 2017.



Landscape, Nature, Sunset

Free Background Stock. The Malevolent Terraforming Of Our Earth.
“Here I discuss the growing problem of nuclear radiation, chemical pollutants, and the over terraforming of Earth. Is this being done deliberately to bring in a new race of being or alien presence. They are rendering our planet nearly uninhabitable…why? for who?”
Published on 19 Mar 2017

Alan Parsons – Time Machine (1999)

Photo Manipulation Alien Foreign Inhuman N

Free Background Stock. Alien Invasion. #Living In A Parallel Universe, In The Matrix.


“Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back in time to a place where there was peace, freedom, and prosperity on this Earth, away from the approaching Singularity? Those days are unattainable now, as we appear to be hurtling towards the dark abyss that is being constructed by the fallen ones.”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com
“This Video Promo for Alan Parsons was created in 1999 by Ben Liebrand using Softimage 3D extreme. It took exactly 4 weeks to make it from concept to broadcast copy.”
Ben Liebrand
Published on 27 June 2006

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