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Elon Musk on Mars PREDICTED IN 1948 BOOK!!!(Predictive programming)

Elon Musk On Mars PREDICTED IN 1948 BOOK!!!(Predictive Programming)

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“Werner Von Brown predicted Elon on Mars in his book 1948.”
Serbian Conspiracy
Published on 9 Feb 2018
“I love old books written by odd characters that seem to predict the future, predictive programming? We cannot leave the Van Allen Belts surrounding the Earth and now we are going to Mars? Great fiction, in the realm of which can be found in publications on, archive.org. Is this MK Ultra programming? We will allow our readers to decide.”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

How Plausible Is Elon Musk’s Plan To Colonize Mars?


Courtesy of NASA via Getty Images. Musk wants to launch 1,000 spaceships carrying 100 humans each in the next 40 to 100 years.

This post originally appeared on The Conversation.

“Elon Musk, the founder of Space X and Tesla, has released new details of his vision to colonize parts of the solar system, including Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moon Enceladus. His Gun-Ho plans—designed to make humans a multi-planetary species in case civilization collapses—include launching flights to Mars as early as 2023.

The details, just published in the journal New Space, are certainly ambitious. But are they realistic? As someone who works on solar system exploration, and the European Space Agency’s new Mars rover in particular, I find them incredible in several ways.”


Andrew Coates
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Written By Andrew Coates
Source http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense

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