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EPIC – Heartbreaking PROOF THAT Justin Trudeau is a RAD*CAL Muslim

Free Background Stock. The Trudeau Effect! #Welcoming The Islamic Brotherhood Of Canada.






EPIC – Heartbreaking PROOF THAT Justin Trudeau Is A RAD*CAL Muslim

Free Background Stock. The Trudeau Effect!

“EPIC – Heartbreaking PROOF THAT Justin Trudeau is a RADICAL Muslim.”
 The quote is taken from, ELITE POLITICS, YouTube video, Published on 5 January 2018.
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Published on 5 Jan 2018.
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A Phony Islamophobia Panic Is Ruining Canadian Politics

Image Courtesy of  (Nicholas Kamm/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images).  Then-Canadian Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau arrives for a news conference in Ottawa on Oct. 20, 2015, after winning the general elections.

“During the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq War, back when invading that country was a more popular idea among Canadians than many cares to remember, I recall observing an encounter at the bus stop near my house between a group of middle-aged white folks, perhaps three or four of them, and a hijab-wearing Muslim woman. I didn’t see how it began, but everyone was arguing about the war, with the Muslim woman against and everyone else for. No one was making particularly good points, but it was nevertheless obvious, through the white folks’ sneering, dismissive tone, that they regarded the logic of the Muslim woman with far more suspicion than was warranted simply because of who she was. There were no “go-back-to-where-you-came-from” or anything like that, but it was a visibly tense conversation made all the tenser by one obvious variable.

Was what I witnessed Islamophobia? It was certainly an unpleasant swirl of politics and culture in which many divisive sources of social discord — violence, patriotism, religion, race, and immigration — were present, either explicitly or just below the surface. Without being too presumptuous, when Muslim Canadians experience episodes of social anxiety, I imagine the triggers often resemble what I witnessed: awkward encounters with representatives of the majority that leave the Muslim feeling devalued or marginalized and hyper-aware of their “otherness.”

The world being what it is, however, most of us would prefer Islamophobia to manifest in a more sensationalistic, even cartoonish way. The Canadian Parliament certainly resorted to the fairly cartoonish language of its own when it passed a motion last March describing the scourge of Canadian Islamophobia as an “increasing public climate of hate and fear,” which only heroic government action at the highest levels could redress.”

J.J. McCullough January 16, 2018.







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Written By J.J. McCullough

Source: The Washington Post.

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