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Aversion Response Therapy For Your Pet


We have experienced a problem with our oldest cat, Lucky. She is about three months old, now here is the story. My daughter and my nephew came from playing outside. They each had in their hands one kitten. They were about two weeks old. One was golden brown, with amber eyes, and the other was pure white like snow, with piercing blue eyes. We immediately named them Goldie and Snow.

We ended up adopting them both. They were suffering from an amoebic infection from drinking street water, and they were covered in ticks, and fleas. We took them both to the vet and they were prescribed medication for their conditions. They have been putting on weight ever since, and have become very energetic after taking the medication.

Our oldest cat Lucky has not accepted the two new kittens. She has been constantly attacking them, trying to bite them in the head, which could be fatal, as the kittens are too young, and weak to protect themselves. So we had a problem. Lucky did not respond to verbal commands when we took the kittens away from her grasp. She would wait a few minutes, and begin hunting them again, like a tigress in the jungle. We could not understand why she was doing this, other than to rationalize that she was exercising some territorial imperative; such as to say, “this is my house, and I don’t want you here, you are competing for my food.”

At any rate, we finally came up with a solution that has worked so quickly that I had to write an article about it. Every time that Lucky attacked one of the kittens, which was almost all of the time; I took a small syringe casing and put about 1ml of vinegar in the syringe. When Lucky attacked  a kitten, she would be immediately scolded verbally and then we gently put one drop of vinegar on the tip of her nose. This acted as an immediate, temporary irritant, and she did not like it.

Now, when using this technique, one must be careful not to allow the cat to ingest any of the vinegar. It is enough that the acrid smell from the drop of vinegar will act as an aversion to the olfactory senses of the cat. Lucky immediately retracted her aggressive behavior toward the kittens, and would withdraw from the scene to clean her nose. Now, right after a minute has passed, we would give Lucky a “reward,” for withdrawing from her aggressive behavior, and she would receive a bowl of fresh milk. So there was the attack, which led to the consequence (the drop of vinegar), and then a minute later, she received her ‘reward’, the fresh bowl of milk.

It took four occasions before Lucky responded to the therapy. Just after four times of implementing this Aversion Response Therapy on our cat, she immediately stopped attacking the two kittens. Her negative behavior is completely gone, thanks to implementing a simple technique that has worked exceedingly well. We can put the two kittens in front of Lucky all of the time now, and she simply ignores them; she still doesn’t like them, she is aloof, but she no longer attacks them. Now, we reward Lucky with, “surprise, bowls of milk,” for ‘behaving herself,’ around the new kittens, every day.

So, why am I telling you this? Because this is perhaps the best way to stop a destructive and aggressive behavior in your pets, for example, attacking another pet that lives in the house. Instead of “hitting” your animal with a newspaper (which doesn’t work at all), implement a technique that really works, and works exceptionally well. Next time, use Aversion Response Therapy with your beloved pet and she will be great again! Try it, it works!

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