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Exoplanets May Be Real – However, They Exist Within A Closed System Over A Plane Earth.

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We have been deceived, into believing that we exist on a round ball that is traveling millions of miles through an outer space. The distances that have been posed by the Illuminati and the elite, have completed their  concept about what our place is, in our modality of our existence. The fact is that we exist within a closed system that is not millions of miles away from the distant new objects and exoplanets that are now appearing in the skies above us; we are under a dome and our, “universe,” is whatever exists within the dome that covers our plane earth.

The scientists have been lying to us for centuries, we have fed into their lies through our belief in the modality of our existence that they have created in our minds. We have been hypnotized by their dogmatic conditioning of our belief systems. The universe as we know it exists under a protective covering over our earth. The sun and planetary bodies that move above us, consist of luminaries, stationary stars, and wandering planetary bodies, that have been observed by man since the beginning of our existence on this earth. All modern astronomy has been based on the observations by the ancients of our cosmology in the cosmos of our observation, on a stationary earth. The Sumerians, the Mayans, established astronomical and mathematical systems for observing the stationary and wandering luminaries in our skies. The Illuminati scientists, the Masons and the elite, promulgated the lies through N.A.S.A. and other scientific institutions, which created the CGI effects and false images that we have taken to be facts, when they are not. We are the victims of a massive deception which is continuing to unfold to the present day.

The truth is revealing itself every day about hitherto, unknown exoplanetary bodies that are mysteriously appearing now, during these last days. What is planet X, or Nibiru, if not an entity which exists within the matrix of our observational field? These may be objects that have always existed, but are only materializing themselves within our viewpoint now. If these objects were millions of miles away, we would not be able to observe them at all; because in actuality, they are very close, observable because they are within our closed system. There is a great shift that we are in the midst of experiencing, we are in the beginning of this shift right now. Cataclysmic events caused by weather disasters around the earth bear witness to the fact that we are in the midst of a great shifting and changing over the surface of our earth.

The shift is being hidden by the elite and the powers that be. Perhaps they want to see a maximum of casualties in order to satisfy their depopulation agenda. The Vatican is involved as well as the leaders of many world governments – They do not want the majority of inhabitants of the earth to be privy to the truth. In this case revealing the truth may set us free, or at least allow many of us to take cover regarding an impending disaster that may be coming our way, “Something evil, this way comes.” It is all part of their agenda and they are covering the truth.

Many months ago I posted the N.A.S.A. I.R.A.P. coordinates that revealed an object with wings that has appeared, coming in the direction of earth. The information that I posted was accurate, but I believed that the images had been concocted by N.A.S.A. through C.G.I. and deception; and I never believed that the object was taken so many millions of miles away from earth;  so I erased the article containing my research. Since that time, I have seen the constant barrage by N.A.S.A. revealing that new exoplanets are being discovered all the time; this has convinced me that these revelations have been contrived by N.A.S.A. in order to further their alien agenda, and to continue to deceive the public into believing that the world will soon come to an end.

The truth is that the elite, secret societies, and the monetary manipulators, led by the Rothschild’s and George Soros, have been furthering the alien takeover agenda, it is an all encompassing portion of their desire to unify the world by placing a one world government into power.  With the help of the Vatican, The United Nations, and many other new world order governments and institutions, this agenda is coming to fruition.  It is a well documented fact that Albert Pike, the father of free masonry and the man who predicted the three world wars, was one of the early proponents of this plan, which the elite have been enthusiastically bringing to fruition. They want the depopulation of this earth in order that they can implement a one world government. They want to create a world where the family system is no longer important, where the belief in a creator no longer exists, and where a concept of trans humanism, or blending mankind with machinery, will turn the people of the earth into slaves, answerable to a repressive, left wing Borg type, of one world government. Welcome to the New World Order. We must stop it.

We don’t know what is going to happen, we cannot predict what God has in mind. Our earth is as much a mystery to us today, as it was centuries ago. However, due to the extent to which we have been brainwashed, the ancients probably understood more about our cosmology than we actually are privy to, today. They were not deceived to the extent that we have been deceived – that is a certainty.  So we are actually still living in a mystery, unaware about what the matrix will reveal to us. In the end, we must trust in God and leave our worries in God’s hands.



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