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If you are using Facebook ads to market/promote your product or anything, here is a tutorial how you can save more money for your advertising. Instead of paying $0.15-$0.50 per click, you may get only $0.01 per click.


  1. If you are targeting specific location for your ads, you can add your location in your ads itself. This will somehow reduce the unneccessary clicks.
  2. Select your location(lets say USA, UK, Australia and etc.).
  3. Age range – 13 to max
  4. Select gender as both.
  5. Coming to Campaign, Pricing and Schedule section make sure “Run my Campaign Starting Today” is selected.
  6. Campaign budget: Set it for $5/day
  7. Optimization: Select “Optimize for clicks” and “manually bid for clicks”
  8. Go back to the location and play a little around by adding and removing the locations. If you are promoting any affiliate or CPA offers USA, UK, Australia, are going to be your targeting locations but just to bring you CPC down add some highly populated locations. like Peru, India, Mexico, Indonesia, argentina, sri lanka (This will drastically lower your CPC’s). Oce you are happy with CPC try removing the locations you just added and you are done.
  9. Lets hope that there is no clicks from location that you add later. You don’t have to worry because, by putting location into your ads itself, this reduce this risk.

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