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“In this episode, find out about why many people believe that the Earth is flat. Is there any proof… After watching this video you will know… (Part 1)”
Published on 7 Jan 2018
 “I highly recommend that you take the time to follow the link, this video is excellent!”
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The link to this video will not embed, so I suppose YouTube does not wish for people to watch this video. Please follow the title of the link in order to watch the video, which cannot be embedded. Thanks, YouTube! The title to search for is, “Flat Earth: How Much Proof Do You Need?”

Brazilian Researchers & Scientists Claim “EARTH IS NOT A BALL” | FLAT EARTH 2018

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“SAO PAULO, Feb. 19, 2018, Inquiries concerning the shape of the Earth have been a recurring theme in human history. Based on a series of natural phenomena that contradict accepted the academic teaching on the matter, Brazilian scientists at Dakila Pesquisas decided to investigate these inconsistencies. In seven years of studies, scientific experiments were conducted at different points in the world, with the involvement of government institutions and professional researchers from a variety of fields. Founded in 1997, in Corguinho, Mato Grosso do Sul, Dakila Pesquisas is comprised of researchers and scientists from diverse fields of knowledge, mainly the exact and natural sciences. Source: PR NewsWire.”



Jack Dunphy

Published on 23 Feb 2018







THE   C O N V E X   E A R T H


Image Courtesy of http://convexearth.org/#Convex Earth.



“More than theories: the definitive proof of the real shape of the earth
Our contribution to the science and future generations.”


Source: http://convexearth.org/#





Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use.





Source: http://convexearth.org/#





Science x Science: Convex Earth The Documentary


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“Science x Science : Convex Earth. The Documentary Science vs. Science: Convex Earth The Documentary For you, what is the shape of the Earth? The moment of truth has coming! In March 2018, the world as you know will never be the same convexearth.org contact@convexearth.org.”
Convex Earth
Published on 2 Jan 2018.


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