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What is it?

GlomerulonephritisThe condition glomerulonephritis is one type of kidney disease. Those who have this condition have damage to the part of their kidneys that filters waste and fluids from the blood stream.

Those who have this condition may have blood in the urine, foamy urine or may have edema in the ankles, feet, abdomen or other areas. This condition is quite serious. If you believe you could have it, get help for kidney disease soon.

The causes of the condition are most often unknown, though in many people, a problem with the immune system is to blame. The underlying problem may be unknown but pinpointing what’s wrong is often easier for doctors to do.

Some type of damage to the glomeruli in the kidney allows for blood and protein to be lost into the urine. In most cases, the condition develops quickly. Kidney function may be lost within a few weeks to months in most patients with this condition.

What makes the condition even more alarming is that about 25 percent of people who have a chronic occurrence of this condition have no pervious symptoms of kidney disease present.

Doctors often don’t learn about it until chronic rental failure occurs. Those who have the following conditions are most likely to develop the condition.

  • Those who have had cancer are at an elevated risk.
  • Those who have blood disorders or lymphatic system disorders are at risk.
  • Individuals with exposure to hydrocarbon solvents seem to have an increased risk.
  • Those with diabetes are at an incresaed risk.
  • Those who have infections such as strep, viruses or abscesses may be at risk, including those with heart infections.

Symptoms Of the Condition
Besides blood in the urine and other symptoms previously mentioned, symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, joint pain, shortness of breath and a loss of appetite an also be indicators of this condition. The symptoms of chronic renal failure also may point doctors in the right path to diagnosing this condition.

Treatment Options
In many patients, treatment for glomerulonephritis is available and can help to reverse the condition. Managing high blood pressure is often the most important treatment option.

Medications are often used. A procedure called a plasmapheresis is a treatment, also. Most people will need to be monitored long term for the development of kidney failure and dialysis or a transplant may be necessary if the condition can’t be improved.

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