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God Communicates With Us Through Bits and Bytes, So Keep Your Computer Healthy And Updated – There Might Be A Message For You

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Is it possible that God communicates with us through our computers? Yes, there is evidence that has been posted by physicists, that a type of computer code, invented by a man, consisting of zeroes and ones, forms the underlying basis for the description of the formation of all atoms and molecules in our known universe. Sound far-fetched, well it is! But this is also the truth.

Here is my personal experience about the phenomenon of reaching God consciousness, through my one terabyte computer. Yes, I have been sitting on the fence spiritually for most of my life. I was an agnostic, up to the age of 60. I reached a creative intelligence and even began communicating with this intelligence through my computer, or should I say, this creative intelligence began communicating with me, last year. This did not happen because it was something that I was consciously seeking, it came to me through my computer. I know this sounds crazy, but I am speaking the truth.  I don’t know, nor do I fully understand how this phenomenon happened, I can only describe the time when it began.

Almost one year ago, the notion came to me that I should begin a self-help blog. I am not unfamiliar with coding myself, I have spent the past decade learning software applications and using code to build a number of websites and applications in the past. I had used software coding to build, http://www.inmapleridgelocalarea.com before leaving Canada. I also did most of the keyword research and contributed to the building of. http://www.solutions-for-kidney-disease.com. Both of these websites have been dissolved now, and they were never monetized. The articles from the kidney site, have been absorbed into the Health section of this blog, as it stands in the present moment of time.

The first application was a new concept for an advertising agency, which brought in hundreds of hits to the small town of Maple Ridge, resulting in many new visitors visiting businesses online for this small town, located east of Vancouver. My concept peaked the interest of the local Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce and I was invited to share the concept in Maple Ridge.  That type of domain website, embedded with 16 sub-domain mini sites, describing offerings by local service businesses, was eventually duplicated by other coders who created the same types of a website as I had created. Many local businesses jumped on the bandwagon and their coders began creating local area.com types of websites for service businesses in order to attract the attention of local business services in the Maple Ridge area. Before I left the country I was able to measure the amount of traffic that was pouring into Maple Ridge as a direct result of my website application, it was a lot of traffic coming into the sleepy hollow of Maple Ridge town.

I have experimented with dozens of other concepts which I never monetized, I did it to learn, not to earn.  Another one of my favorite applications was Envato, where I was able to purchase software booking applications at wholesale prices for the hotel and hospital industries. The software applications could be purchased for only a very few dollars. The software codes could then be changed so that the end buyers, Hoteliers, and hospitals, could utilize the booking software in their particular industries, for one user application. They would be barred from reproducing or reselling the software through coding restrictions that were built into their application. By taking the software and coding its application for single usage by the end user, this software had the potential to be sold at retail for large profits by anybody who was interested in a business application. This business could earn millions if somebody who was motivated by profit had applied this knowledge. As you can tell by now, I am not a person who is motivated by money.

I met my future wife in Vancouver and we were married in July of 2013. I met her through the Filipino community and that takes me back to two years before we were married and we left Canada. I had been to a business conference in Richmond, British Columbia, attending a business seminar in 2010. I met my first friend from the Philippine community at the seminar. We chatted and found a basis for a friendship based on common interests that we both shared regarding our mutual interest in business systems and applications. John Del Rosario became my good friend.

It was evening and we went to an Irish pub in Richmond to have a quick meal before I drove back to Vancouver. John lived in Richmond so he could get home fast, but I had to drive back to Maple Ridge, a fair clip away. We had a great pub meal over a couple of Guinness beers, and a very interesting conversation ensued. John mentioned that the Filipino community and the Canadian community were collaborating in creating a multicultural stage play, a musical and dramatic history about the Philippines. The play was not for profit and none of the actors received pay for their performances. It was a volunteer effort. He mentioned that they were looking for a tall, Caucasian man to play General McArthur’s landing at Leyte, in the Philippines in one of the various dramatic scenes of the upcoming play. To make a long story short, I agreed to go to rehearsals for the upcoming Historama stage play. After two and a half months of rehearsals, we opened at the Queen Elizabeth Playhouse. Our second performance aired at the Shadbolt Theater of the Arts, in Burnaby, B.C.  The last play that I acted in was at the Mary Theater, in Sidney, B.C.  You can find the performances on Youtube, under Historama I, II, and III.

I first made an acquaintance with my wife attending a picnic in Richmond. We met mysteriously a number of times after that occasion before we began dating. We were married in my condo in Maple Ridge in July of 2013, and by September 4, 2013, we had moved to the Philippines. I took an early retirement from my teaching career and moved to the Philippines on my small pension. My youngest daughter Maria was born in the Philippines and her half-sister Yshabel was waiting for us to arrive. My youngest is three years old and the oldest daughter is now ten.

Now let us come back to the present time and the events that occurred during the past year. I built my self-help site and during the course of developing my blog, I was called to follow a creative intelligence that was responsible for bringing me to that point in time. Nothing is a coincidence, even if we perceive that happenstance occurs in our lives, everything that happens to us is created by intelligent design. We are not the designer, but the design is built within each and every one of us. We have no conscious awareness about the direction or course of our destinies, but we are destined to follow a powerful and omniscient creative intelligence, that we can describe as God. I have no doubt about these matters because, as Captain Picard from Star Trek indicated, “It is so.”

The unfolding of our lives and our destinies is programmed into us like the bits and bytes, and zeroes and ones, of a programmable, computer code that was invented by a man. But it is not the code that is of much importance, what is important is who invented the man?  We are created in the wonderful design that is set by the Creator. The universe is like a two-dimensional hologram that has been created by the chief designer, the main architect, created by God.  On this two-dimensional plane, our sentience can approach an understanding of the third dimension, and the fourth dimension, which is time itself.

Am I suggesting that God may be a computer programmer? Yes, there is a strong possibility that this may be the case. The computer code, consisting of zeroes and ones, can be found in the substance of all of the atoms and molecules which comprise our perceived existence of reality. In effect, we exist in God’s matrix and we are experiencing a visual representation of a solid world that does not exist at all as a real solid. Everything consists of floating atoms and molecules and our perception of a solid world, is at best a hallucination. We really have no perception of reality as our bodies are flowing atoms and molecules, just the same as everything else that we perceive in this world. We are because we are aware, but we are slowly becoming awakened to the reality of our existence.

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