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Household Gold – What Is It?

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Household Gold, are the every day products that consumers use in their homes. Take inventory of your own family’s use of these products. They are toilet paper, household cleaning products, toothpaste, etc. When you take inventory, you will discover how much money that every family spends on these products for their home, every month.

These are the products that are often bundled and sold through MLM companies in developed countries. Companies like Amway, and many others. Some of these companies are also operating in the Philippines.  So what is the attraction to these ordinary products? These are the items that are most frequently purchased by consumers, because of their need in the home. There exists a constant demand for these products, because most people use them. Simple as that.

Now, you may ask why am I sharing this information with you? There are avenues that you can take, using this information and taking it to the street. First, you can become a manufacturers representative for a distribution company that sells these products in your area or country. This is well suited to the Philippines where I live, because there are so many avenues of distribution here.  A manufacturer’s jobber agreement will allow you to sell these products to wholesalers who will resell the products at a retail level. You may be able also to negotiate a salary for yourself once you become established. Think about this, you will be selling the products that are in the highest demand in the consumer marketplace.

You can go to wholesalers of these products that are sold everywhere in the Philippines. Then you will buy the products from various manufacturers at a wholesale price, for example disinfectants and toilet cleaning products. Create a catalogue and become a wholesaler of these products. Have an agreement regarding the price that you are paying, directly from the manufacturer, and develop your own retail space to up sell the products to the consumer in the marketplace.

That is easy in the Philippines due to the vast number of home businesses that exist in this country. Your catalog and price list then becomes your own and you could start a retail shop, after you have accumulated a growing list of gold products that you are selling. There is no end to the potential for these businesses, due to the constant demand for Household Gold products.  If you like either of these ideas, you could begin your business as soon as tomorrow. Good luck in all of your ventures.


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