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How I Got Into Past Life Regression

In this post, I share how a chance encounter at the market led me to a career in past life regression.

Lots of people are curious about how I got involved with past life regression.   It’s actually a very interesting story that started back in 2013.  That’s when I decided to go to Hawaii with my boyfriend.

It was obvious to me that I gave him the key to my heart but, when I got to Hawaii, I met another man who gave me the key to my soul.

I would see this man around town and I got to know him on a spiritual level. The reason I believed he gave me the key to my soul is because he told me I was a spirit being having a human experience.  This was an amazing thing for me to hear and at that moment I understood what that meant on every possible level there is.

One day, I was at the market talking to him and all of the sudden I started to feel like I was having déjà vu and I saw myself in a past life with him getting married.  It was really confusing because as this was happening, my boyfriend was walking by and all of the sudden I felt this terror.

I felt really scared as if our lives were in danger.  For a moment, I thought he was going to kill us.  This of course made no sense because my boyfriend is not violent.

After that, night after night I kept having the same dream of being at a rocky shore area participating in a marital ceremony with this man.  There was always a feeling of panic that followed and I didn’t understand why.

My boyfriend would ask me, “What’s going on? Why aren’t you getting a good night sleep?” but, I didn’t  feel comfortable talking about it.

A few weeks later, I had to leave to go to the mainland and my boyfriend and I were talking on Facetime.

He asked me, “Hey, how are you sleeping?” and I would say “oh, I’m not sleeping very well.  I keep having nightmares.”

He would say “you know you can trust me, you can tell me what it is.”

I said, “Well, I really don’t feel comfortable taking about it because you might take it out of context.”

I was really nervous about telling him but, he assured me that it would be OK. He convinced me to tell him and he assured me that he would understand.

So, I told him.  And he acted like he understood.  A couple of weeks later I picked him up at the airport. He told me the moment he got off the plane something was not right.  When we got home, we had a huge argument and then he walked out. So I assumed we broke up.

I was very confused because I was having the same dream over and over.  I desperately wanted to understand the meaning of the dream. I knew it meant something because that’s how our Higher Self communicates with us.

I was desperate for answers.  At this point, I wasn’t even sure I believed in past lives, but I was desperate.  I googled past life regression and Dolores Cannon’s name came up.  I called her office, but she had an eight year waiting list.

As a result, I decided to book a session with a local practitioner in New Jersey.   I went in the beginning of July 2014 and my session was incredible because it exposed me to valuable information from my past lives which helped me in my current life.  Most importantly, I found out why I was having the dreams.  I will share the details in another post.

My experience was so amazing, two months later I attended the Level 1 QHHT® course in Arkansas.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be the last live class taught by Dolores Canon.   A month later she passed away.

That’s how I got into past life regression.  I was a client first.


Maria Sherow is a past life regressionist specializing in QHHT® serving the Big Island of Hawaii   QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠) is the process of communicating directly with your Higher Self using a breakthrough past life regression method developed by Dolores Cannon to facilitate emotional and physical healing.

She is passionate about the QHHT® work because she sees the importance in healing others as well as a tool to gather lost historical knowledge.  She looks forward to helping you find the many answers that may be hidden in your past lives.  For more information or to schedule a session, please visit www.MariaSherow.com

If you found this content informative, please share it.  Many Blessings!

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