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How Important Is It To Have An Emergency Boot CD Disk For Your Computer? The Answer Is, It Is Very Important

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How important is it to have an emergency boot cd disk for your computer? Simple answer, it’s the bomb! Having an emergency disk with boot tools available on it can mean the difference between life and death for your machine. There are basic things that can go wrong with your operating system. For example, a virus can erase essential Windows files from your computer rendering your machine completely immobile and useless. If you are missing essential Windows files your operating system will fail to boot. Preventative measures that are in place to prevent this situation from happening are desirable, but what happens in the event that the Master Boot Record in your CPU becomes damaged or is missing? This is when having an emergency boot cd disk can mean the difference between not being able to boot your machine into Windows so that you can open your administrator account, and the total death of your CPU.

Are you going to have a small ceremonial funeral for your PC when your machine dies because the MBR is damaged or missing? Are you going to be happy about that situation? The truth is that this scenario is in actuality a nightmare for the PC owner. You will have to disconnect all of the cables to your CPU and find a computer shop to take your machine there and have it analyzed with PC repair tools, by a computer technician. This can be a very time consuming and costly process, it is not a fun thing to do.

I have a solution to this problem if you care to listen. My solution is a very simple one, don’t let this happen to you. The best software that I have found is free for one use in the unregistered version, it will take a full backup of your clean computer system that you may utilize in order to load your Windows again, should your computer Windows program get damaged. The program that I am referring to is called EaseUS Todo Backup Free. You can download it from Windows.com and use the unregistered version to create a simultaneous backup cd of your entire computer system and hold a total backup of your entire system on an external drive.

Now my external drive failed recently, it is old like me, so I guess it just ran out of juice. It’s a good thing that I still have some juice left, but I digress.  I had taken an earlier backup with an emergency cd of my entire system before my external backup device failed, so I had my emergency boot cd already prepared for any trouble that could arise.

My external drive failed and because I had updated the software on my machine, I had erased the older backup that was on my external drive in order to wipe the drive and take a new, updated backup; however it failed, because the external drive was destroyed. It died of old age.  So now, I had the original emergency boot cd and nothing else, I had no ability to back up my Windows operating system to an external drive because it was broken.

During the course of breaking down while I was attempting to take the updated backup on my external drive, the external drive erased my Master Boot Record, unbeknownst to me. When I rebooted my PC the machine would not start and I received the blue screen of death message, informing me that my PC was in need of repair because the MBR was damaged and I should immediately take my PC to the repair shop. It was kind enough to also inform me that the machine could only be fixed by using technicians PC tools. This message was very alarming to me because that was telling me to prepare my not so deep pockets, to pay a lot of money in order to have the repair completed, after taking my PC to the shop. Not fun, as I stated earlier.

I took the emergency cd that I had prepared earlier using EaseUS Todo Backup Free, and I pressed F12 and entered the boot from DVD command into my BIOS. Immediately the emergency disk booted me into the EaseUS Backup Screen, it was desperately looking for a backup to take from records on my PC. Unfortunately for me, I had erased the previous backup record because I was attempting to take the new backup at the time that my external drive had died of old age and damaged my MBR.  No joy yet, it would not work, because there was no backup to take it from.

Fortunately for me, the EaseUS Todo Backup screen had a series of Repair Tools in the right frame of the screen. One of the tools in question that appeared on the screen, is called the MBR Fix Tool. With one magical press of the MBR Fix Tool button, I was able to fix my Master Boot Record immediately, the message, “Fixed” immediately appeared. It was like a miracle, I had brought my computer back from the digital elephant graveyard of the quantum world. My computer had been reincarnated in order that it would be able to be reborn again, into a new life in the digital cosmos. I rebooted my machine and I was able to open Windows, my Administrator Account became activated. I entered my password with shaking fingers, at the excitement of experiencing the rebirth of my machine. Voila, a fun and joyful moment, I heard that old familiar sound of the Windows tune’s opening call, I was able to open my computer again on the first attempt. As soon as I had my computer open, I went to my Winfix Tools icon on my desktop in order to run my tools on the PC in order to complete the repair. Joy again in the quantum world. My computer was fixed!

This article outlines how to fix your computer when your computer is toasted and the Master Boot Record has been damaged. These problems can occur for many unforeseen reasons. My advice is simple, always have an emergency cd with backup repair tools in place in the event that your Master Boot Record becomes damaged or corrupted. I recommend using the software that I have written about in this article, but you can find your own. I believe the importance of my message will resonate well, with most people. Always anticipate the best, by being prepared for the worst possible scenario with your PC, always have an emergency boot cd with PC repair tools at your disposal. Follow the advice that my maternal grandmother gave me when I was a young boy living in the U.K., “An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.”


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