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How To Train The Mind To Attract What You Desire! (Law Of Attraction) (New update)



The following technique has been proven to work in my life. It should also work in yours. This process requires patience, and keeping a positive attitude. Should you choose to follow this exercise, you will succeed. It is the birthright that has been given to us by our Creator.  All sharing of this gift is through the spontaneous love of our Creator.


Imprint your thoughts by directing them on a daily basis to a goal that you wish to achieve. Ten to fifteen minutes a day of imprinting your thoughts to a specific goal with intention, will eventually create an imprint into your subconscious editor.  Realistically, this can take months, to a year, as it takes time for your goal to reach your subconscious editor, in order that the physical manifestation of your goal will occur. As you practice your mind energy towards achieving your goal, the universe will eventually become charged, changed and molded into the achievement of your goal. Repetition is the key. Your thoughts will eventually create the reality that you desire. Learn how to train what I call, the magic dragon of your subconscious, the rewards are worth the effort.

I personally use visualization associated with the picture in my mind of my goal being achieved, I see myself physically achieving my goal in the present time, or in the now.  I will spend ten to fifteen minutes a day, before going to sleep every night, visualizing my goal in the present moment, as if it is already happening, in the now. When my goal is reinforced by a physical object, such as a piece of paper where I have written down my goal; I will read the piece of paper once before conducting the visualization exercise, which will last for ten to fifteen minutes, every night.

Concentrate on one specific goal at a time, until your goal is achieved. You can read the piece of paper containing your goal, before spending ten, or fifteen minutes visualizing the achievement of your goal before you fall asleep. You do not need background music, it is best to do the exercise in silence.

I would like to recommend one of the best books that I have ever read on this topic. Please read, Ask and it is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires, written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, based on the teachings of Abraham. It is time for me to read this book from my library, again.

This gentleman is pretty good also, his name is John Kehoe.  You can go to his website at, Learn Mind Power.com



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