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Human Rights In A World That Is Being Manipulated Through A Globalist Mentality Today


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I have been following the trends in the world today. Around the world, countries are supporting a “one mind” perspective regarding where we are in the 21st. century. Leaders of many developed governments are leaning towards the radical left, with an Uber Human bent, on steroids. Let us briefly examine how human rights are being perceived today. Human means pertaining to human beings, not systems of belief, political organizations, or non-human entities. Islam is not a human being, therefore Islam does not have human rights, Muslims do have human rights because they are human beings. Christians have human rights because they are human beings, therefore all human beings can claim human rights. Human beings can object that their human rights are being discriminated against, but systems cannot. It is a ridiculous left wing premise to presuppose that systems of belief can be attributed to human rights. We cannot attribute as an affront to the human rights of an individual to any religious belief system or organized system of government.  Elitist represented political systems advocating a globalist mentality, and religious belief doctrines do not have human rights. The issue of human rights must be addressed when people are discriminated against and launch complaints, and the definition of what constitutes human rights should be upheld.

Speaking of human rights, how many complaints have been launched in response to the number of rapes that have been occurring in Europe during the recent mass influx of migrants into Europe from the Muslim world? How many rapes of women, murders, and assaults have received justice in these cases? When a mass influx of angry migrants from Muslim countries, infiltrate a country and begin rioting and destroying millions of Euros worth of property, how is the greater society compensated for these losses? In addition, these migrants have been welcomed with open arms into these societies. They are living free under the welfare systems of these respective countries, they should have more respect because they are guests of these countries. I cannot imagine the rudeness of how I have seen many of these people behave. When it comes to human rights, are the offended peoples of these countries able to complain? This is the reason why human rights exist, so that people who are harmed, killed, or have their property destroyed, can complain. I will leave you with this question to ponder; when is it apropos for the citizens of their own countries to launch legal complaints when their human rights are infringed upon? My roots are on the European continent although I am far away in distance from Europe today. My ancestry is from Ireland, England, Scotland, and France. I mourn for the Europe of my ancestry as I see it being raped, pillaged and burned. I am still Celtic although I am no longer living in my homeland. It is a shame about what is happening in Europe today. It is a disgrace.

There are certain people in Canada’s government “elite,” who are making the case for Islamophobia, that most Canadians harbor an irrational fear towards Islam. They are insinuating that Canadians, probably the most liberally minded people in the world and least prejudiced against any other cultural groups, are suffering from a phobia, which they call, “Islamophobia.” The proponents of the term, “Islamophobia” believe that most Canadians are suffering from this mental disorder. They maintain, therefore that they must protect “Islam,” in Canada, from the majority of Canadians, who they consider to be mentally ill and misdirected.

Let us examine what the word “phobia,” actually means. A phobia is a mental disorder, consisting of an irrational fear that requires medical treatment, regarding an event, or a surrounding, or a circumstance. The word phobia can also relate to an irrational fear of snakes, insects, or heights, it is a term that is seldom related to a fear of human beings, although in this case the term has been misconstrued in the direction of a fear of “Islam.” Well for the purpose of driving home the justification for relating a phobia to human beings, the reference and meaning of the original term has been changed and abridged to relate to a phobia which addresses itself towards a group of people who practice the religion of Islam. Some people have a phobia about being enclosed in tight spaces, that term is called, “Claustrophobia,” There are some Muslim Canadian members of Parliament who have expressed a concern that the general Canadian public who were born in Canada are suffering from a mental disorder that they are calling, Islamophobia.

By pushing this agenda, they have managed to convince the Canadian Parliament to pass Bill M 103. In effect, these Muslim Canadian members of Parliament are stating that the majority of Canadians who were born in Canada are mentally disordered people from whom the Muslims in Canada, (who are mostly recent arrivals to Canada) must be protected. This is a ridiculous contention which must be summarily rejected by all Canadians. They are stating that native-born generations of Canadians pose a ‘threat” to newly arrived Canadian Muslims because they are abrogating their rights to practice Islam in Canada. I am surprised that more Canadians have not complained about the psyops, and misappropriations that are being created by the Liberal Party proponents of Bill M 103. Quite frankly the presuppositions that have been created by those people who are pushing Bill M 103 are in fact a huge insult to generations of Canadians who were born in Canada, fought and lost their lives for Canada in two world wars, and have built the country of Canada. These new arrivals have offered little or next to nothing towards creating the country of Canada, yet they feel empowered to dictate to all Canadians, that they are mentally ill and suffering from, “phobias.” Perhaps these people should be reminded that it was Canadians who allowed them into the country of Canada in the first place, and they should not be abrogating the human rights of Canadians who were born in Canada by insulting all Canadians by passing this legislation. Canada has always been a country that has respected the human rights of all people around the world, and in their own country.

Canada is a leader in human rights protections and not specifically for Islam and Muslims, but we have fought to maintain the human rights of all peoples in the world. Everything associated around Islamophobia and all legislation that would single out Islam as requiring exclusive protection above all other religious groups and representations within the multi-ethnic tapestry that already exists in Canada, is an affront to Canadian democracy, and to the definition of who Canadians really are as good, law-abiding people.  If you come to my country do not insult my countrymen, you will make them angry and upset with you. If you claim to have any cultural understanding of what it really means to be a Canadian, you would never have pushed through these racist, protectionist agendas, favoring one religion over all other religious beliefs in Canada. Canada is a free country and don’t try to change this or you will be met with opposition; and please, do not justify our objections about what you are attempting to do, by further insulting Canadians when we object on principle, to the false narratives and ridiculously self-serving laws that you are promoting. We have learned from our mistakes and have built a great country, which begs the question, do you have the ability to learn from your mistakes?  Canada is a free and democratic country, do not interfere with her freedoms, or respectfully, you will come painfully, to regret it.





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