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Hunting Humans – The New Age Of A.I. Is Upon Us.

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The New Age of A.I. is upon us. The Left, they call themselves, “Liberals” in Canada, are all about following the path of establishing a New World Order. Elon Musk is right, we must democratize A.I. to become a benefit to the overall society, or we will release a demon that will destroy this Earth. That is because evil people will take this technology and misuse its powers to harm innocent people.

Take the Swarm Killer Drones applications for A.I. If the technology falls into the hands of the manipulating Elite, they will literally use the new technology to kill others. I will post the video at the end of this article that clearly illustrates some of the evil uses for this new technology. We are heading in the direction of a Hunger Games type of world. We have far surpassed an Orwellian vision of society, where the worst that can happen is the burning of books as in “1984,” and just the inception of a hive mind mentality.  We have reached the age where A.I. technology will be used to hunt down and kill with expediency any people who may disagree with status quo.

If we open our eyes we become aware that land-based drone technology has already been used by the United States government since the Vietnam War. Automated bots had been used on the ground to neutralize people with explosives as early as that period of time in our history. Now, aerial swarms of airborne, buzzing death machines can be launched from the back of vehicles. These swarms of aerial drones already contain the A.I. facial recognition of their victims in their computerized memory. They are armed with a powerful explosive that will aim for the head of their victim once their facial recognition software identifies the person they are about to kill. They will swoop down on a crowd political dissenters and can annihilate each individual, whose faces are recognized by their onboard computers, just like a killer bee that is attacking their victim. They will collide with the head area of their victim and release a shot of explosive into the brains of their victims, with surgical precision, they can literally implode the inside of a human being’s brain from the inside out, just like an exploding bullet, that hits its mark with a deep shot and then explodes the insides of a person’s brains, from the inside, outwardly. This is no longer science fiction, it is now in the realm of reality.


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