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I’m Wick-Wick’ing All Over the Place!

For those who don’t know, wick-wick aka #wycwyc aka What You Can When You Can is a book I wrote and published with Carla Birnberg last year. The idea is simple: Stop waiting for perfect and start moving toward your goals any way you can. No more excuses!

We wrote it with healthy living and weight loss in mind as that’s the niche we both feel the most comfortable in, but really it can be applied to any goal. For example, here are some ways I’m applying the #wycwyc philosophy for the things I currently want to accomplish.

Goal: Stay Fit and Get Stronger

Action: Go to the gym 1 hour a day to workout

#wycwyc means this is currently happening at 5 a.m. every weekday. Going any other time is just not possible right now with work and the kids. So I do what I can when I can and wake up early.

Goal: Learn to play the guitar

Action: Take 1 lesson a week and practice daily.

#wycwyc means I take my lesson during lunch 1 day a week and practice whenever I can. I don’t always get it in every day but I leave the guitar out where I can see, and when I catch myself waiting for the microwave to finish or the kids to get ready I pick it up. Am I going to be a great musician one day? I highly doubt it but the only way to learn is to practice, and so I do what I can when I can pick up the guitar at odd times.

Goal: Learn a little French before my trip to Montreal. (More on that soon!)

Action: Take lessons on Duolingo.

Don’t laugh at me, this is going to be a little TMI but I’ve been taking my French lessons in the bathroom. Yes, once a day I have to “go” so I bring in my phone and run through the French lesson of the day. Again, I’m not going to be fluent in another language devoting only 5-10 minutes a day but I will learn some basic vocabulary and feel a bit more comfortable with the language before my trip and that’s my goal.

Everything Counts

One of the biggest lessons I learned losing weight 10 years ago was: everything counts.

I used to be the type of person who would give up if they couldn’t be perfect. I’d have all these grand plans and dreams but as soon as I’d hit a little adversity I’d walk away not realizing that taking a baby step forward is better than not doing anything at all or worse, sabotaging/punishing myself because I couldn’t do what I thought I needed to do to reach that goal perfectly.

The #wycwyc approach has helped me accomplish so much solely because I don’t let myself give up. When I wanted to lose weight I food journaled and blogged until I hit my goal. Some weeks were easy, some hard but I stayed the course and didn’t let myself walk away.

When I say it out loud it sounds stupid. Why would you stop pursuing  a goal you set if you REALLY wanted to achieve it, but many of us do. It’s easy to talk about achieving things or losing weight or getting healthy or learning something new, but when push comes to shove we allow ourselves to give up.

I’ve done it so so many times.

Now if I truly want to do something, I do what I can when I can to make it happen. Pat myself on the back when I take a step forward and forgive myself quickly if I didn’t.

(Note: This post is ANOTHER example of #wycwyc. I needed to wait for the Husband to get off a conference call so he couldn’t help with a technical problem I was having. Instead of wasting time on social media I wrote this. #wycwyc!) 🙂 


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