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Important Message To All Of The Followers Of This Blog. We Are The Children Of God.




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“Greetings to all of the loyal followers of this blog, we are reaching over 40,000 people through this ministry. We are in the midst of performing a major re-structure and maintenance upgrade of, http://www.patrickirelandsreviews.com As a result of this important upgrade of our systems, we have had to temporarily disable much of the content on our site. Please be advised that the re-institution of our fully running site will be completed within the next two week period of time. During this time, we will be concentrating on upgrading the internals of the website and new articles and submissions will be temporarily cut back.’

‘We would like to thank all of the people who have been submitting glowing comments about our content and our articles. As you know there is a strong spiritual component to our content because we are Christian publishers. The world has changed and not for the better. The part of our content that pertains to ministry in Christianity forms a pivotal portion of this website. Although we have a Christian ministry through this website, we will not accept donations to support this ministry, it is free. The message of God’s love for his people, is free, his salvation for our eternal souls, is also free. Salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ is important today. He is pouring out his Spirit and the Holy Spirit of God is spreading around this world. We come to God only through our own choice because he has given us free will. We cannot believe in the efigies and entities that exist in this world. We worship the God of our creation, we must not worship the things that he has created. The Illuminati and the New World Order secret societies worship the things that God has created, like the sun. They worship statues representing the devil, and ancient symbols. God frowns on that.’

‘The most important message in this blog is coming from our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died in redemption for our sins on the cross, he was tortured, crucified, and was dead and buried. Three days after that he rose again from the dead and walked the Damascus Road where he met Saul of Tarsus. Saul received the living Christ and became one of his greatest Apostles. Saul was a keeper of the Roman laws before he accepted the salvation of God. He became the Apostle Paul, who spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire before he himself was also killed by the Romans. All who accept that salvation comes through accepting Jesus Christ will be saved. It is through the grace of our God that we can receive forgiveness for our sins. Even those people who have wrought great evil on this earth, can be saved. Salvation is for everyone, saith the Lord. This is the message of our Lord Jesus. Believe in the God of our salvation. Accept the Holy Spirit of God that is filling the world today. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can accept this free gift from God, our Lord Jesus Christ, is the living Word. God loves us so much that he sacrificed his only begotten son for our salvation, so that our eternal souls may rest in the kingdom of heaven after we pass. God’s love for his creation is eternal and infinite. Repent, believe, and receive peace, and eternal life. Become a spiritual warrior for God on this earth during these last days. God is starting to gather his spiritual soldiers of his army on this earth. You have the power through the Word to expel demons and perform miracles in the name of Jesus Christ. We are the anointed and protected by the infinite God, Elohim Jehovah, the God of Abraham. Those who do harm to the children of God, will receive the wrath of God’s judgement. He is coming. Please open a Bible and begin reading the truth about this universe. In Jesus name we pray. May the Lord bless you and your families in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. God’s love for his creation is an infinite love. You will be blessed forever.”




Patrick Ireland – Publisher of:  http://www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

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My name is Patrick Ireland, living in the Philippines with my wife and two daughters. I have been studying the web for over a decade. Now that I am 60 years old, I am starting to apply some of the knowledge that I have gained. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning." -Einstein.

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