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THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU CAN SHARE: Economic Expert Exposes That The Economic Collapse is Near

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THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU CAN SHARE: Economic Expert Exposes Collapse is Near


“This may be the most important interview that you will hear this year. It’s certainly the most important video you can share today. We talk a lot about the coming collapse of the US petrodollar, but in this interview economic expert and former stockbroker, Lynette Zang exposes just how close to the edge of total collapse we are. It’s a sobering interview loaded with tangible, quantifiable facts that ought to wake up even the soundest of sleepers. It’s not too late to take action if you live in the United States. But as Lynette predicts, those who don’t move to protect themselves now may soon find themselves in the same boat as Venezuelans who are now suffering through a nightmarish hyperinflation of the currency and a total collapse of their once thriving economy.”


Published on 30 Jul 2017















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“The collapse of financial services firm Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008, triggered a worldwide economic collapse, the effects of which are still being felt today. As uncertainty reigned on Wall Street, banks virtually stopped lending to one another, stock markets plummeted, and multiple major financial firms either entered bankruptcy or came very close to it. With global demand falling at a pace not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s, unemployment spiked around the world, trade volumes collapsed, and liquidity in the marketplace became increasingly scarce. Although global economic growth has recovered somewhat since 2008, it is still much lower than pre-2008 trends, and the hangover from the crisis has manifested itself in the form of high unemployment levels throughout much of the developed and developing world, as well as an increasing level of inequality both within and between countries.”







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