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Inside the World Economic Forum in Davos: Leaders of the World, Unite!



“Leading thinkers, activists, and politicians shared their thoughts on the fight for more inclusive growth and greater social inclusion, during several Davos sessions focused on tolerance, racism and LGBT reforms.

“I want to call all the people of good intentions. We have to organize, we have to join together to fight together. I don’t say, like Marx, workers of the world unite; I say good people of the world unite,” said Abdallah bin Bayyah, President of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, in the session, Tolerance At The Tipping Point.

On the same stage, Brendan Cox, Director of the campaign group More in Common, agreed that unification is crucial in the fight against intolerance: “We’ve spent a lot of time talking about diversity and not enough talking about what binds us together.

“What that’s meant is that we’ve ceded patriotism, which is a very powerful instinct in people’s identity. We’ve ceded that to the extremes and there’s a big opportunity now for us to take that back, to define patriotism in an inclusive way rather than an exclusive way.”

Cox’s wife, a British Member of Parliament Jo Cox, was murdered in the run-up to Britain’s referendum on Brexit.”


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