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“The boy with a mat, for an Earth that is losing its Faith.”

I Am Gabriel.




“If you like this film, please share with your friends–or anyone who wants to see a good, wholesome film. Thank you! This film is a simple, heart-touching story with an inspirational ending. It’s about the enemy having become entrenched in a town called Promise, on the verge of collapse and abandonment. Our Lord Jesus taught in parables–stories in order to get past all the defences that are common to humanity when the truth is coming at them. Stories help to skip natural obstacles that might be raised, even intellectual ones, but which can eventually reach (and penetrate) the heart. They are also remembered much longer than just facts or information. And in this film, I AM GABRIEL, there is the truth that we need in order to truly be at peace–and to truly be saved (to accept His invitation to come to Him). One of my favorite quotes from the film: Gabe: “How are you feeling?” Doc: “I’m dying, Gabe.” Gabe: “I know.” Doc: “But I guess in a sense everyone dies, right?” Gabe: “Except for One, that is true.” Doc: “But I suppose…not everyone truly lives.” Thanks for watching! May each of you be encouraged and have your own prayer mats!”



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Published on 11 Nov 2017











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