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Internet Technology Has Just Taken A Step Way Up, In The Philippines

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Is it my imagination? Is it a plane, is it a train, no, it’s high speed Internet!  Something incredible is happening here, in the Philippines. Since the new administration has taken seat, there has been a great and welcoming change in Internet technology here. It appears that an internal server has now been established that has opened up 21st. century Internet technologies in this country.

PLDT has dominated the Internet here for decades. The servers have been outside of the country in China (of all places). Now, suddenly, we have available cable internet technology, being made available through Globe, the rival competitor to PLDT. They are promising a cable Internet connection that boasts now, 10 Mbps speeds, with 50 GB capacity, with 6 months of HOOQ and NETFLIX, together with Chromecast feed technology (RSS at its best)!

Wow! My wife and I are connecting to Globe’s plan right away, bye bye, PLDT. We are waiting to test the Globe system, which will be available to us for the same price that we have been paying to PLDT, (1200 Pesos a month), where we only achieved 2 Mbps of Internet speed. We are assuming that president Duterte will also support our decision to break the PLDT plan. Way to go Philippines. You rock!

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